—“No one sees the terrorist activity of white people around the world”— Waqas Ahmad

It’s just 1400 years of islamic death destruction and regression on one hand, and dragging half domesticated animals out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, hard labor, disease, on the other.

It’s not complicated.

We don’t do terrorism. WE DO WAR, CONQUEST, and EXPLOITATION. Not that it’s a good thing. But we see terrorism as cowardice.

—“the pirate of west are notorious for criminal activity .
I don’t need to describe them much.”— Waqas Ahmad

Absolutely true. No question about it. That does not change the fact that the great civilizations of the ancient world were destroyed by islam and rendered into poverty and darkness, and that those parts of Europe conquered still cannot recover. And that europeans have in the ancient and modern world dragged man out of ignorance and poverty and disease. This is just true. I advocate separatism. walls between our civilizations.