—-”Is it appropriate to racially profile college applicants to promote diversity in admissions?”—-

If we use exclusively meritocratic entry, and domestic-only entry, then we aren’t harming anyone in the polity because of their race.

If we use profiling (discriminatory) entry, and include international entry, then we **are harming** people in the polity because of their race.

The only moral (meaning reciprocal) and non-harmful method of allowing profiling (discrimination) is to allow (create) segregated (race-limited) universities.

So we are just (reciprocal, moral) **only** when we have EITHER of the two conditions:
(a) domestic merit only, or we have
(b) discrimination and voluntary association and disassociation (race – limited universities.)

And the current condition is harmful, immoral, unethical, and a violation of natural law of reciprocity.