—“Curt purposely writes for (very) high-IQ people who have a lot of contextual understanding already in place. Some of his stuff is difficult for me and I’m 135-140 (some of it I have to make an effort to “get” which I’m not accustomed to). That being said Curt’s posts/writing have gotten a lot more accessible over time IMO. But some of it can’t be simplified all that much or too much important detail is lost. At the same time, many of the key insights and their ramifications I believe can be explained to avg IQ audiences (maybe even sub-100 if communicated well) in basic form. Some detail will be lost in that process, but it will be valuable for normal folks to understand the basic what & why, while all the detail will be available to the high IQ men who will be implementing it (ruling). Curt has said before that he is relying on people in the 130-140 range to carry his ideas down the IQ range.”—John Mark