(core concept that simplifies propertarianism)

There are only so many evolutionary venues available for human speciation given our adaptation after the development of language is largely cognitive:

(a) neoteny(or its reversal) (b) gender dimorphism (or its reversal)

Now, dimorphism generally refers to externally visible structural differences, however we have significant internal structural differences (neurological) as well as structural differences in neurochemistry (velocity and incentives).

Ideal human adaptivity requires increasing neoteny, and increasing dimorphism (specialization).

So some groups are more evolutionarily advanced than others.

We must then adapt to our in group distributions. That produces cultural and strategic specialization.

But in the end we are largely varying and SPECIATING along the gender, neotonic, and distributional axis.

x—> gender
y—> neoteny
z—> distribution

<Truth/Moral <— superiority—-inferiority—>False/Immoral>