–“Putin assigned the following three books to Russia’s regional governors:

1) The Philosophy of Inequality, by Nikolai Berdyaev

2) The Justification of the Good, by Vladimir Solovyov

3) Our Tasks, by Ivan Ilyin

What is the common theme linking these works? The main message of these authors is Russia’s messianic role in world history, preservation and restoration of Russia’s historical borders and Orthodoxy.”—

Of course, I agree with borders, role and tradition.

Russia does not have western europe’s traditions so religion is more important there than here. We have superior traditions which is why we have superior trust. Unfortunately, while our ‘hundreds of years together’ have been catastrophic for both orthodox, catholic, protestant, and pagan (scientific-legalistic), russia has purged itself of (((foreign))) effect more so than the west has. Only because the germans failed.

And only careful analysis exposes that germans were, in the turn of the century, on the verge of not only the second technical-industrial revolution, but on the verge of ridding western civilization of (((foreign))) influences both ancient (christian) and modern (cosmopolitan).