People have conquered one another since time immemorial. Intertemporal restitution is rather ridiculous concept. When white people conquered in the pre-historic world they killed most everyone they met. when white people conquered in the modern world they attempted to ‘civilize’ the people they met, for fun and profit – mostly profit. Cause domesticated humans are extremely profitable. Although at least in the americas, because of disease they killed almost everyone.

I am not making excuses for my (white) people. I seek happiness for us all. and I want all people to prosper. However, when there are great differences between us this always creates conflict.

In other words (a) it’s not clear that separation is not better, (b) it’s not clear that south africa will be better without separation, (c) it’s not clear that south africa will be better without the white settlers.(d) and murdering each other is not a good answer to anything – it’s not the colonial era. We know all people can develop market civilizations if they have time to develop a middle class.

My personal view is that the Boers should relocate to America, Australia (best), or Russia (who wants them). And moreover that Africans in Europe and America Return. (and middle easterners return) And that we pay people even if we must use debt to do the returns.

I don’t want your people harmed or mine. But I don’t believe given the very big differences, that it is easy to do anything other than separate. And I am not sure it is a good thing to stay together.