—“When we hear the sophists claim that law is a social construct, they should be saying that legislation is a social construct?”— Steven Jackson 

Yes. Natural Law (Reciprocity). Law (judicial findings of irreciprocity), Legislation( Commands of Representatives given force of law), Regulation ( Commands of Bureaucracy), Discretion (Commands of Individuals).

—“Natural law is not a construct but a reality that adapts to social conditions?”— Steven Jackson

Natural law was ‘discovered’ as the universal method of decidability independent of individual and group differences in judgements, and from which there is no incentive for retaliation.

Natural law (reciprocity) is the only condition under which both (a) cooperation is the necessary means of survival, reproduction, and flourishing, and (b) individuals cannot prey upon one another, and (c) it is in the self interest of the strong (and sovereign) to adhere to instead of predation, parasitism, and coercion.