—“What do you use as a basis for your research?”— A Friend

Maybe I don’t understand the question….

I mean. I have a very deliberate methodology.

Mostly the history of (a) group competitive strategies, (b) geography (c) economics, (d) political orders, (e) laws, (f) methods of argument (grammars). And I use propertarianism (Vitruvianism, Acquisitionism, Propertarianism, Testimonialism, and Natural Law) to perform the analysis.

The difficult part of the work is deflating history into Propertarian terms so that all group actions are commensurable.

This often requires attacking a proposition until only the truth (in Testimonial terms) remains. And in particular attacking most sacred presumptions and values. And that takes a great deal of time. I have to work long enough that I’ve defeated my own biases as best I can as well.

In other words I look at the actions ( inputs, operations, and outputs) not the excuses (what people say about them), and explain the world as the different tactics we use to acquire.

The methodology is something I understand very well. Unfortunately it is rather difficult to possess sufficient knowledge to employ it. As such it’s just as hard as any of the other sciences.