by Lance Bean

“It’s ALL Different Now.”

Relationship dynamics have completely changed. But without a MARKETING CAMPAIGN, repeatedly smashing it into people’s men’s faces, NOBODY is “getting it”. And as a consequence we see a anxious, spooked, flocking of everyone’s frames creating a chaos of confusion as we seek a restoration, when the problem is that we can’t.

“IT’S ALL DIFFERENT NOW”: Men and women NEED each other less with every passing moment. That fact changes the family dynamic. Technology has freed us from interdependence.

Marriage WAS the alternative to prostitution. Now prostitution is criminal and marriage is passé. It used to be both genders marry young and have several kids to work the farm. Families were an asset that provided lifetime discounts and insurance, allowed for the accumulation of capital, prevented parasitism on the property and efforts of others, and prevented male on male violence.

Now, it’s extremely smart for the youngest women to have a single child by several different men of high income with established careers – preferably in marriages.

Her incentives are to increase her income by being a baby maker but siphoning off of men – who lose marketability to other women, lose the ability to accumulate resources, and are doomed to poverty in old age.

Under those conditions, men have become indentured slaves until the child is a mid 20’s adult – and wards of the state in old age. Children in the past were considered adults at 14 or 15 and they had to work and some married. Today they infantilized by a female dominated educational system, the aggressive suppression of masculinity and male dominance play that is necessary for men to invest in family, society, and polity.

To pretend that the natural order is a traditional conservative nuclear family is ridiculous: the natural order is prostitution.

Prostitution was accepted as legitimate for thousands of years. ALL women were prostitutes.

Men only “married” or sometimes took care of the women that had a kid by him through rape most likely.

The men could organize, hunt, kill and rape.

Now they are tax slaves.

What does this mean? It is no longer in men’s incentive to preserve a government and social order that reduces them to serfdom, isolation, old age loneliness, and poverty.