As I’ve said before. Fire is the revolutionary’s friend. Why? Fire services can be overwhelmed easily. The chaos that results overwhelms police and emergency services. Ending water pressure means ending water supply means even pumpers (trucks) cannot fight the fires.

We have seen the consequences in California. We see it here in Athens. Summer is the best time for revolutions for the simple reason that it is the best time for fire, and provides 24×7 time in the field for revolutionaries (‘camping’).

There are flares everywhere. There is gasoline in every vehicle tank. It takes five gallons and something that will burn to take out a whole building.

—“Paul Kenneth Keller (born January 6, 1966) is a serial arsonist and convicted murderer from Everett, Washington. He is serving 99 years in prison and will be eligible for parole in 2079. He was convicted of setting over 107 fires and admitted to setting over 76 of them killing at least three individuals, and causing more than $30 million in property damage during a six-month period during 1992–1993.”—