by Radu M Oleniuc

So now I am a disinformation agent.

I think those 150 bn (billion) dollars (Iran) do not belong to a terrorist state and were rightfully confiscated. Obama considered them as “seized”, and returned those to a terrorist state massively funding propaganda through various proxies (NGOs, newspapers, corrupt journalists and officials), yet I am spreading disinformation by calling this appeasement simply as it is: treason to our values and civilization by helping an adversary trying to destroy the west.

Not only that we as the western world should have not gave “their money back”, we should have bombed their oil fields to pieces and send the bill for the rest. Because those 150 billions are just a small fraction of what we spend on our defense. Not fair? Well, the next time when an Iranian ideologue trains a bunch of suicidal zealots or wants to bribe a journalist using US dollars obtained from oil and gas, he would think twice, because he would know that his oil refinery will be leveled the next day. With his GSM tower antenna as well, because his ideology belongs to the Middle Ages when electricity was not yet invented. He could start planning his attacks with goats, but without any kind of help from mobile phones or GPS. Or SWIFT system, dollars or banks. He could use rupees, rials, renminbi or whatever he wants, but if he uses dollars, then he should know that there is always this risk.

Vladimir Ilich Lenin tactic where ‘The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them” has to stop.