The problem is (a) delayed entry into the workforce by unnecessary education, excessive educational debt, and immigrant labor filling entry level jobs, (b) immigration of cheap labor favoring upper middle and upper classes at the expense of the working and under classes (c) common property, no fault divorce, alimony and child support guaranteeing elder male poverty and alienation, (d) the replacement of the ‘easy jobs’ with females at the expense of replacement rates of reproduction, and the displacement of males who are less able to self-modify to suit heavily female environments into only the dangerous, physically degenerative, and dirty jobs – or out of the workplace altogether. Business satisfy demand, but government creates demand by immigration, taxation, and family policy. Fools talk about what is good directly (oughts), and adults talk about incentives that produce goods (is’s). Unfortunately due to Dunning Kruger education effects popularized by the island 120 median, the fools do not know they are such.