Postmodernism evolved in response to the failure of marxism socialism – a dogma which was pseudoscientific, and evidentially failed. Having to abandon pseudoscience, Postmodernism attacks reason directly stating that there is no truth and argument – only power. So in effect all debate is meaningless and the only objective is power by any possible means.

Postmodernism = Relativism = Anti-science, Anti-reason, Anti-truth. Since truth, reason, science, and evidence falsify the marxist-socialist-feminist theology, then postmodernists abandoned all evidence, science, reason, and truth, and pursue power by any means, which includes their obsession with promoting falsehoods in pursuit of power, with which to impose monopoly authority and economic tyranny (forcible redistribution), thereby repeating the jewish > christian > islamic destruction of the ancient world (reason), with jewish > christian > muslim destruction of the modern world (science).

—“A general and wide-ranging term which is applied to literature, art, philosophy, architecture, fiction, and cultural and literary criticism, political criticism, propaganda, among others. Postmodernism is largely a reaction to the assumed certainty of scientific, or objective, efforts to explain reality. In essence, it stems from a recognition that reality is not simply mirrored in human understanding of it, but rather, is constructed as the mind tries to understand its own particular and personal reality.

For this reason, postmodernism is highly skeptical of explanations which claim to be valid for all groups, cultures, traditions, or races, and instead focuses on the relative truths of each person. In the postmodern understanding, interpretation is everything; reality only comes into being through our interpretations of what the world means to us individually. Postmodernism relies on concrete experience over abstract principles, knowing always that the outcome of one’s own experience will necessarily be fallible and relative, rather than certain and universal.

Postmodernism is “post” because it is denies the existence of any ultimate principles, and it lacks the optimism of there being a scientific, philosophical, or religious truth which will explain everything for everybody – a characteristic of the so-called “modern” mind. The paradox of the postmodern position is that, in placing all principles under the scrutiny of its skepticism, it must realize that even its own principles are not beyond questioning. “—