Frank Olson illustrates why knowledge of your biology gives you agency.

(This is an example of the future of Stoicism)

—“learning through Bill Joslin’s didactic styled S.N. discourse with me on this subject and it’s intrinsic practiced skill: decoupling of misevaluation followed with removal of associated misconceptions of previously perceived high importance/meaningfulness grammar has been invaluable in personal practice.

Now by adding here the concept of a dopamine hit after one of those ah-ha’s rewarding due diligence, allows me to understand why I had favored my biases so fiercely…it was dopamine. AH-HA!

It is useful for clarity and cogency to discard/table artifacts of imagination/misconception as soon as they are encountered/identified.

It removes the opportunity for favoring the antifactual to that of the Truth, merely to appease personal biases/ego attachments to closely held misconceived perceptions of “connectedness” and the various interconnected chains of other linked grammars. (As well as the other germane associated contradictions.)

It can be done stoically without my formerly exhibited reticence and trepidation. (Going forward I am now going to attempt to observe my eureka/dopamine hits and causal stimuli as they occur from proportionally larger investments of time/effort/energy.)

I regularly remind myself now as “higher quality grammar” becomes available and I am forced to reevaluate and decouple outmoded grammar, that it was still good grammar and that it may have other value/meaning/usefulness or provide insight elsewhere later.”—