Mao went around and collected rural people to defeat the urban people in favor of economic collectivism – the primitive tradition of his people. There is no reason we cannot go around and collect rural and suburban people and defeat the urban people in favor our kinship collectivism (nationalism). As I’ve said. This civil war is going to be fairly short, and fairly hard, but easily won by historic standards. People think in terms of ammunition but the purpose of ammunition is merely to keep people in the cities and to stop the rats as they flee. This doesn’t require direct fighting other than of those few police that side will initially side with the traitors and invaders. The population that is neutral or frightened, need only be given sufficient information about the desired future state to not interfere or support the enemy.

A moral license, A set of demands and incentives, a plant of transition, a means of altering the status quo.

The time is coming.