My favorite part about “Right Wing” Enthocentrists is how they superimpose Aryan imagery over Jewish ideas. Jehovah isn’t a vengeful volcano demon, he’s a bearded guy in the sky who looks like Zeus! The afterlife isn’t drab nonexistence in Sheol, it’s atop a mountain in the clouds like Mount Olympus! Jesus wasn’t a hand rubbing heretic screeching and kvetching at Pharisees, he was a barrel chested embodiment of a God, like a Hercules! Schaul wasn’t capitalizing on an unorganized cult’s doctrine for spiritual power among Goyim, he was a man who had a vision and became an Oracle! All are Aryan ideas, superimposed on top of Semitic poison by their instinctive horror at the reality of the religion they follow, to better swallow it. All illusion, no substance.—A Friend

Christianity has incorporated way more classical greek and paganism that the christians are willing to admit. Just look at famous iconographies of christian saints or Jesus himself. Almost all are depicted with an halo which comes from the worship of Apollo, son of Jupiter and later under Aurelian from the Sol Invictus cult. Almost all important chrisitian festivals have a pagan background. Easter(Ostara) is pagan and the most famous Christmas(Saturnalia as well as Birth of Mithras the bull slayer) even more. The christians even conduct pagan rites up this day like during Christmas being generous, decorationg homes with laurels,trees and handing out presents to each other. Another important point is the christian mass which is nothing but a roman pagan ritual in light form. You invocate the god with prayers, offerings like bread,wine and incense and ask for protection and well being. As a roman pagan I actually smile everytime christians think its inherently theirs, knowing all of this comes from pagan Rome, Greece and Persia :)”—Alexander