We, at least in the upper classes, remember our pagan origins.

I think those of us whose cultures went through church governance, the reformation, the empirical revolution, enlightenment, and the scientific revolution, and repeated justifiable retaliation against the churches, have a clearer view of the distinction between christianity and the rest of our culture.

I have been working to understand the Russian fascination with orthodoxy and other than these admittedly influential eras, I can’t understand it. And I still can’t comprehend why people don’t grasp the difference between the ancient greco-roman world, and the semitic, and the total loss of reason for a thousand years.

The difference is between monopoly justified by submission superstition, ignorance, and fraud, and markets justified by sovereignty, reason, knowledge, and law.

Contact with the east ruined Alexander, Macedon, and Greece. Contact with the east ruined Rome and Europe. Contact with the east is ruining anglo, germanic, slavic, and Russian civilization. The east is a cancer that rules by the expansion of ignorance superstition and fraud. There is every good reason to understand that trust increases with distance from the Bosporus north and west, and decreases from the Bosporus south and east.

Genetic bads create cultural bads, and cultural bads create genetic bads.