Um, you know. The aryans destroyed most of the people of northern europe. The romans committed a genocide against my celtic ancestors and sewed their own defeat by making possible the migration period. The Jews and Muslims destroyed the great civilizations of the ancient world, and created the dark ages. The Europeans destroyed (temporarily) the Amerindian (siberian). The Anglos and Russians destroyed german civilization in the greatest crime since the fall of rome. The Bantu are destroying the boer. The jews and muslims are destroying the west.

The question is what we do. I want to separate. Or at least separate by political preference. The only alternatives are war and genocide.

I won’t let my people become the Boers. I don’t want any of us to prey upon one another or make a genocide of one another. The only solution is separation (europe) or degeneration (india, south america, the levant). The east asians are right.

Expansion was a bad idea.