Private Property arose everywhere – but Sovereignty arose in the aryan expansion. We strangely emphasize private property which is not unique over Sovereignty which was unique. It was in greco-roman world it was institutionalized at scale. It was in the middle ages that it became extendable to a middle class. It was in the late middle ages and early modern period it became extendable to all. The rest of the world DRAMATICALLY OBJECTS to Sovereignty. They view community property as something they require or they will be left behind, excluded, and without insurance. Only Aryans consider ourselves sovereign, and our property an extension of the self.

Hence why we kept alive the judicial duel. Justice will be served by the sovereign men of the community to prevent the externalization of harm to the community. But each man is sovereign, just as is any sovereign nation, and as such may fight for his life and property should he believe justice fails.

But a man must earn his sovereignty before he can so use it.
And the only way is demonstrated investment in the reciprocal insurance of other sovereigns.

This requires miitary service, in defense of the private and commons, policing the private and common, and possession of capital that provides reciprocal demonstration of worth and incentive for loyalty.