Rituals that accompany oaths do not require belief in the ritual, only promise to adhere to the oath lest one be punished for violation of that which the community demands is inviolate (sacred) and therefore unforgivable.

The Construction of Religion: Myth, Ritual, Oath, Feast (Festival).
Political religion (for governing) in addition requires dogma and ‘law’.

European pagan religion divided the law (real) from the mythic (ideal), from the cult (supernatural). It was the monotheists who sought a political religion by which to rule others that created a monopoly political dogma, from what had been a market of myths and rituals.

The problem with atheism is that while there are dedicated atheists – often people of questionable character, some of us are atheists in that we practice Christanity as a wisdom literature, and many are agnostics in that they go along without knowing one way or the other, and the vast majority only deists who go along because they believe it’s a familial good, – all of us would still (and do) claim we are Christians.

And it is why Evangelicals have used that term to distinguish themselves from the rest of us: they practice faith not reason.

All that is required to claim one is a Christian is to have adopted the teachings of Christianity:

1. A Respect for private property and that no law may precede private property (the ten commandments) because private property creates harmony.

2. The eradication of hatred from the human heart.

3. The extension of kinship love to non-kin.

4. The extension of exhaustive forgiveness before punishment, enserfment, enslavement, death, or war,

5. The commitment to personal acts of charity for those who are in need.

Now, ‘believers’ seem to think that the dogma has some basis in reality, but this is simply untrue (unscientific). The purpose of the dogma was to train illiterate unskilled slaves, peasants, and subsistence farmers in those four principles.

The reason for the success of this dogma is that it creates an addiction response in believers for reasons we understand very clearly now.

However, many of us do not need cerebral chemistry addiction to follow those five rules. And we understand the value of ritual (the combination of lesson, oath, feast of the church ritual) regardless of how greatly its demand for obedience differs from the five principles of Christianity.
Western civilization has always been poly disciplinary and polytheistic. Those of us from germanic northern European families were just as familiar with the pagan myths and fairy tales, if not far more so than those of the ‘alien’ semitic religion.

The Germanicization of Christianity was nearly immediate, and the origins in judaism, and non-european Byzantium was quickly and forcibly adapted to european (germanic and latin ) civilization, just as was the orthodox in the slavic lands.

Today a person of minimal learning can undrestand quite easily that community rituals and oaths and feasts are necessary for the construction of civic trust. That aspirational myths are somewhat necessary for the intergenerational preservation of group evolutionary and competitive strategy through imitation. And that the mythos of western civilization is merely our history from the ancient greco-roman, germanic continental, and Atlantic periods.

The reason we can worship our ancestors and use our history as mythos is because we have ancestors and history worth remembering. Those people who need falsehoods and fictions do so because they have either few or no ancestors or achievements worth remembering.

I am a pagan if

1) I accept the laws of nature as binding on all of existence; and;

2) if I treat nature as sacred and to be contemplated, protected and improved; and;

3) I treat the world as something to transform closer to an Eden in whatever ways I can before I die; and

4) if I deny the existence of a supreme being with dominion over the physical laws, and treat all gods, demigods, heroes, saints, figures of history, and ancestors as characters with whom I may speak to in private contemplation in the hope of gaining wisdom and synchronicity from having done so. And

5) if I participate with others of my society in repetition of oaths, repetition of myths, repetition of festivals, repetition of holidays, and the perpetuation of all of the above to my offspring. And 6) if I leave open that synchronicity appears to exist now and then, and that it may be possible that there is a scientific explanation for it, other than just humans subject to similar stimuli producing similar intuitions and therefore similar ends.

I am an Aryan if:

1) I proudly display my excellences so that others seek to achieve or exceed them;

2) I seek competition to constantly test and improve myself so I do not weaken;

3) I swear to speak no insult and demand it;

4) I speak the truth and demand it; 5) I take nothing not paid for and demand it;

6) I grant sovereignty to my kin and demand it;

7) I insure my people regardless of condition, and demand it; and in doing so leave nothing but voluntary markets of cooperation between sovereign men; and to discipline, enserf, enslave, ostracize or kill those who do otherwise;

8) to not show fear or cowardice, abandon my brothers, or retreat, and 9) to die a good death in the service of my kin, my clan, my tribe and my people.

I am a warrior in that:

1) we will prepare for war so perfectly that none dare enter it against us.

2) Once we go to war, we do so with *joy*, with eagerness, and with passion, and without mercy, without constraint, and without remorse; And

3) before ending war, we shall defeat an enemy completely such that no other dares a condition of our enemy, and the memory of the slaughter lives a hundred generations.


Sovereign. A Man Transcendent.

When you say we need a ‘complete religion’ we have one.
This and the natural law of sovereignty.
And the history of the european peoples.