1. Marxism (Boasianism, Marxism, Freudianism, Frankfurt School) consists of a **pseudoscientific** revolt against aristocratic european civilization’s sovereignty, reason, markets, and meritocracy, and is merely a restatement of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic **supernatural** REVOLT against the great aristocratic civilizations of the ancient world – this time with a false promise of prosperity in search for power, just as in the ancient world, a false promise of life after death or paradise in search for power.

2. Postmodernism is a **pseudo-rational** restatement of the Marxist (Boasian, Marxist, Freudian, Frankfurt School) REVOLT against reason markets, meritocracy and eugenics that result from that merit. This time abandoning both the supernatural, the pseudoscientific, and merely engaging in gossip, rallying, shaming, ridicule, disapproval, in the pursuit of power to resist meritocracy (eugenics)

3. So whether Semitic Abrahamic **Supernatural** Religion, Marxist **pseudoscientific** reformation of abrahamic religion, or Postmodern pseudo-rational justification is used, the same argumentative **sophisms **of **justificationary Pilpul**, and **critical Critique **are used to circumvent reason, appeal to intuition.

4. Why? We are, because of our genetics, and the intuitions that result from our genetics, of differing interpersonal, social, sexual, economic, political, and military market value. This market value is generally categorized as ‘class’. We do, because of genetics, physically possess physical brain and physical chemical intuitions that reflect our class and our genders. And just as the female reproductive strategy (herds) evolved to persist her genes regardless of the merit of her offspring, and men evolved to persist their genes (packs) by the merit of himself and his male kin, classes evolved to express either the feminine dysgenic or male eugenic group strategies. Our differences in moral intuitions are the result of these axis: gender cognitive bias, and class cognitive bias, and the degree of group neoteny that evolved in our relative geographies.

5. So to some degree just as religion is an opiate of the lower classes, philosophy provides an opiate of the middle classes, and pseudoscience the upper middle classes – the upper classes need no opiate other than the rewards of their market position (desirability). Why? we want hope or promise of raising our interpersonal, social, sexual, economic, political, and military market value. Because after all – that is what drives reproduction, and what drives all our behavior.

6. The underclasses are not oppressed. They are just six times as bad for the polity as every good person is good for it. Markets cannot lie. They contain lottery effects. And the lottery effect provides us with the incentives (hope) just as religion, philosophy, and pseudoscience provide us with hope. Hope that we will obtain the benefits of being of higher market value than we are. In other words: status rules us.

7. The duration of a Democracy is determined by the time it takes to redistribute, and spend down a windfall, from war, conquest, technical innovation, or accident of nature. We are rapidly running out of the industrial (petroleum) windfall, just as Athens ran out of it’s silver mine.

8. A mixed economy ruled by an authoritarian, an oligarchy, or a ‘party’ – differing only in scale – is the only survivable, with fascism necessary in war, and the luxury of social democracy possible under windfalls.