—“Abrahamic religions completely are the opposite of Marxism and feminism. The Bible and Koran repeatedly condemn everything to do with those. I don’t get this Nordic pagan hardon business. “— Mike Samuels

Follow me longer. I don’t have time this morning to construct your understanding.

Here are a few tips:

Nothing to do with nordic paganism.

Everything to do with falsehood and deceit.

Falsehoods of Supernaturalism-Occult, Pseudoscience, and Pseudo-rationalism.

Pseudo-rationalism of Pilpul and Critique.

PIlpul (justification, excuse making) and Critique (disapproval, gossip, rallying, shaming, and ridicule).

Both of which are Female methods of argument, and express the female group evolutionary strategy.

Same technique and objective: undermine alphas.

Generation 1: Judaism > Christianity > Islam (Supernaturalism) -> Fall of Empires, Invasion, and Dark Ages

Generation 2: Boasianism, Marxism, Freudianism (pseudoscience) > Postmodernism > Feminism (pseudo-rationalism) -> Fall of Empires …. Invasion.