–If my ancestors did anything bad to yours, the fact that you’re complaining about it just means it wasn’t bad enough. It’s never too late to rectify their oversight…–

–Crimes of a genocidal nature we will punish with death, not just of the perpetrator, but of everyone related to the perpetrator. It’s the only way to reciprocate.–

—“A few grams of lead, administered fast enough, will cure most addictions.”—Eli Harman

—“People have lost sight of the origin and purpose of tolerance and secularism, to reduce conflict between parties willing to reciprocate a minimum level of basic respect, and have universalized it into an absolute principle. But all principles are valid only within limits.”— Eli Harman

—The “tolerance” ideology is actually just gussied up intolerance rooted in hatred. This is obvious from the fact that “tolerance” is extended only to certain, protected, categories and denied to select others, whom this one-way “tolerance” is merely a weapon against.
Whites must tolerate non whites. Men must tolerate women. Straights must tolerate gays. But the reverse is never true. Nobody ever need tolerate straight white males, and we may be punished and excluded with impunity, according to this ideology, which originates in hatred and envy directed specifically at us and aimed at our destruction.
And while our enemies virtue signal about “love” (meaning their hate) conquering “intolerance” (meaning normalcy, virtue, tradition, homogeneity, borders, Eugenia, and everything else worthy and good) we know that the only thing which can beat genuine intolerance is even more intolerance…—

—“Understanding is hard. Obedience is easy. This is partially reversed if you’re autistic, but probably not fully.”— Ely Harman

—“It’s only worthwhile to argue equality from a position of inferiority.”—Ely Harman
—If resources (power, territory, capital, subject population) are being mismanaged, then entrepreneurs of violence can profit by taking them over and putting them to more productive or sustainable uses.–Eli Harman

—“Appeasement is not a winning strategy.”— Ely Harman

—“Paganism is the monarchy and aristocracy of the gods. The intertemporal model we seek to both emulate and avoid the hubris of.”– Eli Harman

—“Permissiveness and promiscuity haven’t done anything good for Western societies. We’ve just been able to afford more of them by spending down capital accumulated through past repression.”— Ely Harman

—“Postmodernism is the 5th Abrahamic revolt against Western Reason, Empiricism, Aristocracy, and Eugenia – their ongoing struggle to drag humanity back into ignorance, poverty, disease, filth, parasitism and superstition:. The 1st, Judaism; 2nd Christianity; 3rd, Islam; 4th, classical, Marxist, pseudoscientific, Socialism; 5th, Postmodern, cultural Marxist, critical theory and intersectional socialism.” — Eli Harman

—“The inescapable, inexorable, distributed dictatorship of free men…”—Ely Harman

—“Incremental Suppression is a marginal approach to enforcement, a bologna slice strategy. If you are powerful, you identify the most egregious instances of violation and go after those first, working your way down the list until it’s no longer worth the cost. If you are not powerful, you identify the violators within your reach and begin suppressing them, working your way outward as your power grows and your enemies’ diminish.” —- Ely Harman

—“Nobody makes it off this world alive. We differ mainly in how many assholes we take with us. So be a high-scoring hero. Don’t be a low-scoring chump – or worse still, a no scoring zero.”— Eli Harman

—“The 2nd Amendment isn’t written with pen and ink on paper, but with fire and fury in the hearts and souls of men and with lead and blood in the dust of the ground.”— Ely Harman