—“Shall we not ourselves have to become Gods, merely to seem worthy of it?”— Nietzsche

—“Universal access to white people isn’t a right.”–Richard Heathen

—“Hong Kong is an example of exogenously derived AND implemented institutions applied to a high-IQ population. This is the recipe for Hong Kong’s success.”—Aaron Kahland

—” A critical error of many contemporaries – particularly in the United States – is the inability to correctly assess a more favourable trade-off between the material and mental well-being”—Aaron Kahland

–“We are sovereign. I am free because We are sovereign.”— Bill Joslin

—“The only religious community which was over represented in terms of good works were the Protestants (they account for about 68% of philanthropic work globally while representing about 27% of the religious communities”— Bill Joslin

—“Group evolutionary strategies may appear as an in-group Red Queen effect leading to speciation (divergence), but might actually be coevolution of three separate breeds which are approaching near complete convergence. The three breeds being Denisovian-Homo Sapiens hybrids (Asians), Neanderthal-Homo Sapiens hybrids (Caucasians) and Homo erectus.””—Bill Joslin

—“Most people don’t seek truth. They seek to feel better. It has taken me many years and some painful lessons to learn this. Think how many enemies we (the Real (scientific) Right) have – people who react emotionally and instinctively against us because we speak truth (or as close as we have been able to get to it) on various topics: the whole Left, the Swamp, all religions. Against these odds we must win. And we will.”—John Mark

—“Every time we put truth into practice we ruin someone else’s business model.”— John Mark

—“More training, less teaching.”—Sean Casey

—“Complexity is not nature’s favorite form; it’s nature’s only form.”—Jim Leis

—“The more I look into it, the more I think that the family should be sovereign and not the individual.”—Steven Jackson

—“It’s almost like we *are* animals, with an extra hunting tool known as the prefrontal cortex”— Tyler Scott

—“The kind of man is defined by the kinds of duties he possesses. The quality of man is defined by the quality of his performance thereof.”— Zachary Miller

—“A religion that doesnt “ought” and “oughtnt” isn’t a religion”—Vivek Na

—“A religion that does “is” and “isn’t” isn’t a religion.”— 😉

The criminalisation of speech, thought and emotion, the superseding of common law, treason incorporated into law. The state demanding a monopoly of violence, a monopoly of truth, and using the monopoly of violence to enforce the monopoly of truth. And the state conducting alien colonisation is treason by itself.—by Alex Macleod

—“Gods are fictional character creations of men in the theories of men about the future potential of men.”—Alexander Brown

—“Culture: Market (city), and life surrounding the marketplace (city): The Signals and Rules of conflict avoidance, cooperation, exchange, and the celebration and entertainment we engage in between the chores of participating in that market.”—Igor Rogov

—“The only real crime in war is defeat. You can personally or as a group feel there is a moral way of prosecuting a war but in the end it’s relative to what is necessary for victory, and moral justifications before or after the fact are just that. The greater evil is to lose.”— Eric Best

—“The Strategic Answer to the Parasitic Question: Survival Strategies Must Evolve to Combat Parasitism or be subsumed by it.”— Todd Magnusson

“…telling your citizens they have a “human right” to invade a sovereign nation should probably be considered an act of war.”-Charles H

–“It’s time for Plan B. The second amendment is Plan B.”–George Oswald Vandal

—“Curt, You have humongous brass balls — huge respect for calling it as you see it regardless of who will come crying. Particularly your SJW answer.”— A Friend

—“Lending and interest are fine – but Curt Doolittle brings forward a salient observation – opportunity costing is the trade off in a truly free market. And what we have is a monopolistic “rat wheel” – without any opportunity cost, and with even less risk – it’s musical chairs, obfuscated by “nearly” impenetrable complexity.”—Rob Ellerman

—“Basically, if the West didn’t re-develop the military capabilities of the Roman military until Napoleon, then please don’t tell me the Dark Ages didn’t happen. The Dark Age was real in the only way that matters.”—Daniel Roland Anderson

—“I’m up for via-negativa law, via-positiva fiction, and via-reciprocity trade.”— Bryan Nova Brey

—“Cooperation is fine in a protected environment. Let no man call himself politically educated who has not studied iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma.”— William Frisby

–“Violence is a dictation, not a dialogue.”– Anne Summers  (That’s true. Dialog consists of a form of cooperation. Violence consists of that which is not.)

—“If violence doesn’t work, apply more violence.”— German Saying  ht: @aaron kahland



—“Joseph Campbell made a very similar point back in the 60s, though he’s rarely acknowledged for his political insights: “The Persian myth of Creation, Fall, and World Renovation, which has influenced fundamentally not only the Messianic ideas of Judaism and Christianity, but also their parody in the Marxian proletariat apocalypse of the closing chapter of the first volume of Das Kapital… The first of these… Magian churches obviously are distinguished from the last in as much as their appeal is to God, whereas the last takes particular pride in its… hard-skulled late-nineteenth-century atheism: its sacred object, the Worker, is a mythic being supposed to be incarnate in every factory of the world. But this transfer of the mystic of authority from heaven to a supposed social entity on earth simply adjusts to a modern, secular mode of symbolization the shared concept of the authentic law, known only to those of the faithful in whom orthodox knowledge resides which is to break into full manifestation when the day of days arrives. Meanwhile, the so-called laws of the nations are but delusions, afflicting all in whose hearts the light has not yet dawned” (Occidental Mythology).”—-Tim Spillane


—“Propaganda can lead or mislead. Propaganda distributing the truth is moral, propaganda distributing falsehood is immoral. Propaganda is a tool not an end.”— John Mattison

—“The most effective form of propaganda is the truth. The difference between propaganda and information is that propaganda has a persuasive political purpose.”—John Mattison

—“People disconnected from their nuclear and extended family need a replacement for the lack of insurance they have created by the disconnection. Hence the State becomes their parents and marriage.”—Greg Hamilton

–“Agency is a massive duty. There is nothing easy about it.”—-Greg Hamilton

—“Just as there are always criminals acting in their self interest at the expense of the group, not everyone a group is capable of long time horizon decisions for the betterment of that group. And so there must be a discriminatory process that prevents them from having a voice. In fact it seems likely that the super-majority of any population can’t make a good decision for that population… sad but true.”—Greg Hamilton

—“I think we have enough evidence now to say that democracy in a homogeneous country leads to a heterogeneous country in short order.”— Greg Hamilton

—“All “humility” should be via-negativa removal of hubris, that is ego-flattering deceit and cowering away from the discovery of truth.”— Brendan Hegarty

—“A friendly reminder it’s no longer in young men’s interest to preserve the social order”—Brendan Hegarty

—“The dad bod of the restoration involves a really well muscled pseudo belly for dead lifting in the 500 to 600 lbs zone.”— Brendan Hegarty

—“If masculinity were truly toxic, then fatherlessness wouldn’t be correlated with literally every societal ill.”— Ana Stowe

—“Woah… Women would NEVER commit crimes if only women were allowed to prosecute them.”—-Ana Stowe

—“That’s because the investigation was never intended to investigate crimes. It was meant to generate them.”—Ana Stowe #Trump

—“Packs require contribution (value); herds merely conformity.”— Brandon Hayes

—“Society has replaced real violence with faux violence. We are a horrific point in time where many believe words are weapons. Wise up; otherwise the truth will return as a sword to cut through more than just the lies.”—Brandon Hayes

—“Lord-craft, like any craft, is heritable. A father passes his trade to his son and the accumulated knowledge over the generations is valuable capital to the local commons.”—Oliver Westcott

—“British is anyone in the commonwealth. It’s been misappropriated as documentation permitting rights within the United Kingdom. A Briton is of a limited genetic stock of Northern Europeans with predominant ties to the British Isles. Specifically a Britonnic Celt, with degrees of Anglo-Saxon (especially), and Jute, Dane and some other nordic/viking admixture.”—Oliver Westcott

—“The beauty of having rule of law (natural law of reciprocity) + a militia is you have both top-down and bottom-up incremental suppression going at the same time.”—John Mark

—“They need us, but we don’t need them. They want and need to live around us, but we don’t want or need to live around them. The parasite needs a host, the host rejects the parasite.”—John Mark

—:People are willing to listen to things outside their Overton window if they perceive that it will give them what they want politically (while old tactics/assumptions don’t cut the mustard). Everyday the left is doing half our job for us, e.g. Sarah Jeong, by waking our people up to the fact that what they thought would work (being nice/tolerant) will not work.”—John Mark

—“If no one wants to avenge your death then you are doing something wrong.”—Noah J Revoy

—“The problem is not that American is the worlds police, the problem is that the world refuses to pay for the service. A lack of reciprocity.”—Noah J Revoy

—“In a leadership vacuum new leadership will constantly emerge whether you like it or not. Its up to us to decide if that leadership is friendly or hostile.”—Noah J Revoy

—“The way women pursue and the way men pursue is very different. Women make themselves selectively available to men they find attractive. They seek to be in his orbit. Men then pick out a woman who has made herself available and “take” her. …. The number one complaint that my female clients share is that when they make themselves available to a man he often fails to take any sort of leadership actions such as ask them out. Instead he just beta orbits hoping she will mother him. We have too many untrained, lazy, beta men in society.”— Noah Revoy

—“There is no real way to “take violence off the table” but only a borrowing of peace from the future. Eventually any reality which people seek to avoid comes back on them – and with interest.”— Noah J Revoy

–“forge brotherhood not equality.”—Neil A. Bucklew

—“There is only nomocracy or kleptocracy, with kleptocracy using many names.”—Bill Joslin,Neil A. Bucklew

—“Do lions and hyenas think of love, markets or hate? no. but that does not stop them from competing for and defending territory.”— Neil A. Bucklew

—“It is more fun, and more reliable to slaughter other peoples sacred cows. But, tis best not to expect others to kill their own, at least not without assistance.”—Neil A. Bucklew

—“I would add that “Jesus” is a compound character made up of several people and that Christianity predates “Jesus” by a decade or two and is basically a failed Reformation of Judaism brought on by the Roman conquest of Palestine and the introduction of Hellenistic philosophical ideas.”—Andrey Sokoloff

—“Their crimes are millennia long. They are the premier intellectual terrorists.”— Andrey Sokoloff

—“It is perhaps not for nothing that Christianity was first popular with the under classes during the Roman times – women and slaves. The idea that you should not struggle to improve your lot but rather to bear it and receive some unspecified benefits in some future life was also attractive to the ruling class, to promote among the underclasses. … As for the Emperor – monotheism was attractive as the idea is “you don’t like your god? Too damn bad, he’s the only one you got.” Rather than polytheism which is a form of religious democracy. If a God stops taking care of you, you go a sacrifice/worship another God. There is a type of responsibility that a Deity has.”— Andrey Sokoloff

—“WE HAVE OVERSTIMULATED IMAGINATION AND UNDER-STIMULATED THANKFULNESS” —“The Cult of your own ancestors needs to be restored, other deities are less important; we all have overstimulated imagination and understimulated thankfulness.”—Igor Rogov

—“We demonstrate the want and need for different commons. In doing so we demonstrate the need for different ‘We’.”— Igor Rogov

—“Rate of reproduction between classes + sophistication of the techniques of class separation + class structure complexity (further segmentation within classes)”— Igor Rogov

—“Henry Ford wanted essentially one perfect car, free of lies (technical imperfection is a form of lie), and sold on a perfectly honest conditions – i.e. the buyer has to be debt-free (and prove it) and no Ford had to be sold on interest, ever. These principles actually hurt Ford company financially, as other companies that produced technically imperfect, but beautiful and comfortable (deceptive) cars and sold them on interest to the debt-ridden population of the world (dishonestly) made quick gains in the 1930s. But Ford did not budge until he was convinced by Roosevelt that the whole US state needs to move forward, and it depends on Henry Ford being flexible about his moral stance. Being rather moderate Episcopalian, not a staunch Calvinist, Ford found a way to compromise.”— Igor Rogov


—“The broader and stronger your confidence and capacity to sustain yourself, in all the various forms of sustenance, the fewer and weaker the incentives to parasitize, in all the various forms of parasitism.”— Luke Weinhagen

—“…the public education system looks like a commons so poorly tended it has gone feral.”— Luke Weinhagen

–“The entire SLW playbook is to leverage the commons (accountability) for warrantied speech against their political opponents. They are only able to do this because those commons are not being policed against parasitism. Mainstream media is doing it as well. Fake news is the result of sloppy commons.”—Luke Weinhagen

—“Only those capable of violence can offer peace, and only to others capable of violence (reciprocity). Everyone else is just mislabeling forbearance.”—Luke Weinhagen

–“Ecological monogamy is a Paleolithic innovation related to K-selection following the separation from chimpanzees.
Polygamy and prostitution are Neolithic ecological phenomena related to r-selection and increased scale. Notice how institutional polygamy (as well as tribalism) is strongest, historically and today, in the ancient epicenters of Neolithization.
Institutional monogamy (as opposed to ecological = can only bear the cost of one wife) is a metal age innovation related to the K-selection of reciprocity among superpredators stemming from developments in technology and maneuverability. Notice how institutional monogamy is only present in European (Aryan) cultures, and has been since classical times, and possibly since 3-4000 BC.”—Simon Ström

—“There seems to be a global demand for white people’s institutions. And we can give it to them by colonizing the world again.  If we don’t, because of this apparent demand, we may anticipate that white genocide will play out as a Malthusian catastrophe of world combustion of white production and demographics.”— Simon Ström

—“Medieval and modern monarchs used the information technology of catholic and state churches as well as the new economic instruments of the emerging bourgeoisie urban class to subvert the traditional pagan world and its devolved cultural character stemming from distributed political sovereignty of the aristocracy.”– Simon Ström

–“We all have our Aspie-tites”—Simon Ström

—“There’s no convincing me that Voldemort is a bad guy.”— Alexander Zavialov

—“Italy has more genetic diversity than the rest of Europe combined.”—Alexander Zavialov

Leftie: “See you around.”  James: “Not unless you have night vision goggles.” —James Santagata

—“The problem with “out of the box” (straight from the dealer, no options) Western Reciprocity Inclusive of Externalities (WRIE), is it needs a dual-morality (in group / out group) module otherwise the range of agency is too narrow (self limited).”—James Santagata

—“It’s time to stop asking what Jesus would do and start asking what Vlad would do.”— James Santagata

—“The school system is designed to produce acolytes, not educated adults.”—James Santagata

—“Pull your weight and your Brothers will compensate for your shortcomings as you do for them. If you can’t they impose limits to keep you safe”—Bill Joslin

—“Anthropomorphism, attributing human qualities to animals, could be more accurately described as reifying animalistic qualities to the status of “human”. We are mostly animal…some more so than others.”—Bill Joslin

—“Think of how humans have come to discover health. It’s not a checklist of properly functioning systems but rather the absence of ailments which restrict functions of living below a threshold of overall wellness (over all function). It’s a negativa definition.”—Bill Joslin

—“Time horizons and acquisition strategies couple to which grammar one uses (low investment, short time horizon etc etc)”— Bill Joslin

—“Science is no longer a methodology, it’s a criteria which many different methodologies can meet. The criterion unites the sciences.”—Bill Joslin

—“Feminizing society takes violence off the table. When violence is off the table there is no counter to rally, shaming and gossip, and no driver toward negotiation.”—Bill Joslin

–“Warfare and victory in this century will come down to planting this flag, not on the moon but earth: mastery of market fidelity”—William L. Benge

—“Juridical equality is satisfied in a jury of our peers (holding sympathetic interests): this real-property/life-property bias is acceptable and necessary.”—William L. Benge

—“In the wide swath of history, we went from church and state as bedfellows, to statutory corporations and state as bedfellows, from veritable theocracy to fascism, with a small window of Enlightenment in-between.”—Angus Jameson Sock

—“As a side note, statutory shielding of personal liability for stockholders, officers, and boards of directors is just as bad of an idea as clergy being personally immune from the broader actions of the church.”—Angus Jameson Sock

—“I stopped being a leftist the instant I stopped viewing myself as being in the bottom 50% and started viewing myself as being in the top 50%.”—Colin Everett

—“Mainland Chinese can’t be assessed in the light of Chinese in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, or abroad. Imagine what would happen to the US or any European country if you killed or exiled the richest 30%. Innate differences in culture aside, that’s basically Mainland China – the chavs and the rednecks.”— Brian McQuiston

—“As Popper demonstrated, Hegel was largely a merchant of tenured rhetoric.”—Andrew Thickett

—“Republicans own guns to protect themselves from Democrats.” — Scott Adams (h/t John Mark )

–“Lobertarianism is lolberism cloaked in big brain individualism. It’s ok to be men of inaction as long as it doesn’t directly affect you, and if it does, retaliation cannot affect anyone else. It’s an outspoken version of pacifism.”—David Parker

—“I am the evil white male your trans-black feminist gender studies professor warned you about.”— Kelly Wilson

—“Truth seeking is a competitive advantage.”—Dan T Eggmn

—“The podium has become a pulpit in the church of social justice.”–John Clayton

—“To put it succinctly, “individual liberty” is an oxymoron. Liberty is a condition that only exists in a commons established and maintained by force, which I guess has become invisible to too many who enjoy its benefits.”—Dylan Boswell

—“In Nietzschean terms libertarianism or any form of capitalism rooted in the liberal tradition elevates the rights of others, especially to non-aggression, above the will-to-power of the individual. The idea of having rights and property itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when those rights become objects of worship so that the individual becomes encumbered with slave morality, that’s when the issue arises.”— Josef Braun

—What do you think about organized crime in Malta?— “I think it’s the only thing that’s organized here.” –Dawid Wella

—“Everything bad in Christianity was invented by Plato and Saul of Tarsus, whereas everything good by Aristotle and the Stoics.”—Yiannis Kontinopoulos

—“The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a crib-house whore. We don’t just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.” —James Nicoll

–“The internet only survives because several hundred network specialists have agreed not to sabotage it.”— Maxim V Filimonov

—“I’m not a universalist. Experimental micro-states are strictly Anglophone business.”–@Outsideness

—“Peace is a desire, war is a fact; and history has never paid heed to human desires and ideals.”— Ahmed Reda

—“The US is the modern equivalent of Rome, the interventions in foreign shitholes were all about maintaining stability and ensuring that the supply chains are undisturbed. The problem with the US is that it has enshrined the market as a culture.”—Dawid Wella

—“Mutual agreed upon contracts spelling out reciprocal arrangements is all the “diversity” human kind has ever needed and does a mighty fine job of it. … One key esoteric or side-benefit is that these voluntary arrangements tends to make all parties smarter, making such arrangements better and better, evolving to enrich and benefit even more, amassing more and more wealth. … Civilization.”—Richard Nikoley

—“Diversity transforms specific racial hatred into universal hatred. It already happened in most western countries.”– Danny Seis

—“The choice is between suppressing the underclass via propertarian methods, or watching society return to high infant mortality, ignorance, want and disease, never to rise again.”— Ryan Williams

—“My experience with classically liberal academia is that they will acknowledge genetics to the extent that they can deny them.”— Kashif Vikaas

—“If the Indian States of Goa and Punjab were independent countries they’d be more affluent per capita than either Iran or Saudi Arabia.”— A Friend

—“Future so bright we gotta wear shades.”—Chris Mc

“in the current phase of warfare, cities are no longer defensive anchors against armored thrusts ranging through the countryside. They have become the main targets of offensive action themselves. Just as the huge militaries of the early twentieth century were vulnerable to supply and communications disruption, cities are now so heavily dependent on a constant flow of services from various centralized systems that even the simplest attacks on those systems can cause massive disruption.”–??

—“Of all evil I deem you capable: Therefore I want good from you. Verily, I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws.”—Friedrich Nietzsche

–“All they’ve [the leftists] got left is reputational smearing.” — “Hate speech is now heresy.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdeFJ4WCqhk —Niall Ferguson

—“An armed society is a polite(civil) society.” But women to the political debate makes discourse less civil (Polite). How’s that for counterintuitive?”— Daniel Roland Anderson

—“Do Men have a duty of violence or privilege of guardianship?”—Brian Barr

—“Children are broken because families are broken because women are broken because men are no longer Hoplites – no longer husbands of their freeholds.”—Greg Swann

—“Once you see it you can’t unsee it. Hence the ubiquitous war on noticing in general . The time and resources expended to keep people from seeing the obvious are truly astounding.”— Edgar Braintree

—“The concept of the Cathedral hit the spot because it recognized that what was being promoted as the rule book was in fact enemy scripture.”–Outsideness

—“I mean if you lack the basic human survival skill of differentiating in-group from out-group do you really count as human?”–Annika Stark

–“I believe that the enlightened people, should immediately remove themselves from the repulsive non-culture whites have perpetrated upon them.”—Andrea McIntosh

—“We need to crash the signal market”–Micah Pezdirtz

—“the real and most important lesson from the Holocaust. Instead of constantly blaming the Goyim for inflicting pain on Jews, it is time for Jews to look in the mirror and try to identify what it is in Jews and their culture that evokes so much fury.” https://t.co/iOM9FU6prW —Kevin MacDonald

—“I’m living this truth here in Brazil right now. They’ve managed to disarm the population 20 years ago. Now criminals are murdering everyone else to protect their right to bear arms. 60.000 people die per year in the process.”— Rodrigo Yoshima

—“Intolerance is the most masculine virtue one can have.”—Bashar Al Stedman

—“Never appease Marxists, it only whets their appetite.”— Edward Townes

—“Being white affords you the privilege of working until you’re 75 to finance your own ethnic replacement.”—Blair Cottrell

—“I won’t have any enemies unless I want to do evil. If you pursue good and seek the truth, you are my brother.”– Aloysius Augustus

—“Trolling is forced transfer, intellectual honesty is productive reciprocal exchange.”— Steven Kolpek

—“Reminder. I don’t hate on anyone. I have a class thing, and a truth thing, and a voluntary exchange thing. All three of these are solvable. But I don’t hate on anyone.”—

—“Look at the difference between Buddha and Marcus Aurelius: Buddha, sitting, with his eyes closed, mind closed to outside stimuli and the world. Juxtapose Marcus Aurelius, slaughtering barbarians by the hundreds of thousands, engaged with the world, changing it for the better.”— Vincenzo LaSala

—“So we can fix leftism by carpet bombing only 5 counties ? Ok”— Shawn Miner

—”…childhood was believing Vlad the Impaler was the villain – adulthood is understanding he was the hero….”— Thorsten Stuart Norgate

—“Men find their place in the competence hierarchy. Women either deny the hierarchy or insist on its instability.”—Megan Kusui

—If you think unchecked Mega-Leviathan is a small price to pay for a marginal improvement in the quality of tacos you’re probably a mainstream American libertarian.— Outsideness (@Outsideness):

—“There’s a difference between emotionless and emotionally disciplined.”—Murray Sell

—“Historians are apologists for the human race.”— Charles Martel

—“The idea that the underclass should rule is so deliberately societally dysgenic that its ideological development could only possibly be conceived as an intentional tactic of subversion to poison the minds of an enemy to self destruct.”—Brandon Smith

–(via Paul Blessing) —“It’s best to view (most) continental philosophy as entertainment.”~~~ Nassim Taleb–  (Or as I put it, ‘fantasy moral literature’.)

—“There are about 3,000,000 American Federal government employees costing taxpayers $119,934 each on average (when you include benefits). This amounts to $359,802,000,000/year. I can’t even….”—-Kahl O’Dournian

—“Japan is an Island. It has NO mass migration or freedom of movement policy. It is a top 10 world economy. It trains and educates its own young to work instead of importing cheap labour. Be like Japan not a dinosaur like the soviet EU”-Jason O – via Steve Pender

—“The earth is situated in a tiny, sparsely populated spur off of one of the spiral arms in the galaxy. In other words, we are located in the middle of nowhere. And we’ve only been communicating in the electromagnetic spectrum for about 100 years. It’s very likely that no one knows that we are here.”—Eric Blankenburg

—“Dumb americans fought against germany to make the world safe for communism – and have been paying for it ever since.”—??

—“The Church, as we know it, in all this has a lot to answer for! They haven’t been teaching Men how to fish! They’ve created schools of fish from Men. To be harvested!”—Nick Heywood

—“yall all vikings muthafucka”— Justin Fortune

—“Reading the foundational texts, Postmodernism really questions how legitimacy is constructed as an image… And that image is used to justify power. People have taken this to mean that nothing is legit or that power is everything. But that’s kind of like saying that the theory of relativity is about how there’s no such thing as time.”– Alexander Lee

—“Marxism = Feminism. Post-Modernism = Full-Spectrum Feminist Hegemony”—Claire Khaw

–“Love is just alimony waiting to happen.”– anon  ( Ouch. Love is insufficient for the prevention of child support and alimony. A compatible and preferable division of labor is necessary. )

—“You hear about areas highly populated by muslims having more extremists – they simply have more confidence. And then we act like its just that area, or just a few areas, or just a few cities, until its the whole country.”—Dann Hopkins

–“Everyone wants to outsource responsibility.”–Charles McCennit

—“People spin great webs of complexity in efforts to entangle producers in a web of parasitism.”— Austyn Pember

—“Everyone must remember that they themselves are the purest form of propaganda to those around them.”— A Sock Account (Goldstein).

—All nations of any scale are now fascist (intolerant) mixed economies, with minor variations in corruption and liberty.—

—“To construct a right requires a contract (exchange of rights and obligations under reciprocity), a means of deciding if a right has been violated (natural law) and an ability to provide restitution if they have been violated (insurer).”—Andy Lunn

—“The natural order can’t be prostitution, since for the vast majority of human history two parents were needed to effectively raise a baby. So there had to be male-female bonding. And to prevent male/male violence there had to be equal distribution of women. … The natural order in hunter-gatherer times was monogamy. Then it shifted to polygamy, then back to monogamy. Now we have both. (All as laid out in Tucker’s “Marriage and Civilization.”) — Michael Churchill

—“A NEW GOAL: A MONUMENT VISIBLE FROM SPACE — Acres and acres of the vertically impaled. As far as the eye can see. So that it even shows up on google earth”— Sigur Hvíturúlfur

–“Beatings are, in fact, effective.”–Shalamov

—“The problem, as usual, is too many stupid people.”–Steve Slonky

—“Sometimes I think I understand why we women increasingly read novels. Novels, when they work, use lies to tell the truth. The information marketplace, battling for an audience, tends, more and more, to transform intolerable truths into novelistic, riveting, enjoyable lies.”—Elena Ferrante

—“In 21st century. We must make world safe FROM democracy.”—Jaromír Miškovský

—“Democracy is less than ideal in a homogeneous country, and dysfunctional in a heterogeneous country.”—Matthew Genack

—“If you worship your enemy, you are defeated. If you adopt your enemy’s religion, you are enslaved. If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed.” — Polydoros of Sparta

—“Following Plato’s death, Aristotle immersed himself in empirical studies and shifted from Platonism to empiricism. He believed all concepts and knowledge were ultimately based on perception.”—??

—“Propaganda is a tool of the state, the church, the academy, and their dependents. Men of means have no time or need for it.”—Gene Siedlecki