(dysgenia requires theft and deceit)

—-“How can you present facts in a political conversation without sounding biased? (https://www.quora.com/How-can-you-present-facts-in-a-political-conversation-without-sounding-biased)?”—-

By **explaining both sides **and demonstrating that your argument remains superior in some way or other, or explaining that the other’s argument relies upon **falsehood or theft **…. which is what you should always do anyway.
**Truth** is a bias, it is just a decidable bias instead of a preferential one.

**Theft** (involuntary transfer) and moralizing (using guilt as means of forcing involuntary transfer) is decidable, and not a bias.

Demonstrate that an argument is either **false** or causes i**nvoluntary transfer** (imposition of costs upon the demonstrated investments of others) and you have covered the two decision criteria that are not open to opinion.

The sophist will attempt to argue for a good. A **preference** or a **good** is subjective. Anything that is not false or involuntary (directly or indirectly) is a candidate good. That something is a candidate good does not mean one can engage in **falsehood, ridicule, shaming, rallying, and involuntary transfer** in order to achieve that candidate good.

It is very difficult to argue against **Truth and Voluntary Exchange**, using advocacy of **Falsehood, Shaming, and Thef**t. Explaining to people they are engaged in falsehood, coercion, and attempted theft produces humiliation. But it wins the argument.

It just so happens that the **majority of arguments **in favor of preferences and candidate goods are made by falsehoods, shaming and theft, rather than truths and voluntary exchanges.

**All political differences **are determined reducible to preferences for **dysgenic** (irresponsible reproduction) that forces the costs of one’s decisions on the polity, and **eugenic** (responsible reproduction) that forces one to bear the costs of one’s decisions. The reason being that the female and underclass incentive is dysgenic (The Equalitarian Herd), and the male and middle and upper class incentive is eugenic (The Meritocratic Packs). With the general outcome being the military and entrepreneurial class aligning with the working, middle, and upper middle classes, while the priestly, academic, and political classes aligning with the underclasses. In other words, **the immoral top and bottom against the moral middle.**

Since **dysgenia depends upon theft**, it is usually argued falsely, which is why **marxism** (pseudoscience) and **postmodernism** (pseudo-rationalism), and **feminism** (pseudo-moralism) were invented to circumvent Darwin (biological evolution), Spencer (social evolution), and Nietzsche (moral evolution).

**Marxism, Postmodernism, Feminism: They needed an elaborate set of lies.**