—“What’s the unbiased pros and cons of socialism, communism and capitalism?”—

Each proposes a MONOPOLY, just as the abrahamic religions proposed a MONOPOLY – all monopolies are bad (and all monopolistic arguments are false)

The only possible economic structure is a Mixed Economy, and the only structure that every has existed at any scale is a mixed economy.

The underclass requires redistribution because they have no ability to participate in the market. Labor requires insurance against the vicissitudes of manual labor, the clerical and managerial classes require commons in order to produce multiples, the professional and entrepreneurial class require property and rule of law in order to produce the voluntary organization of production, the financial and political classes need organization such that they can produce redistribution, insurance, and property rights, so that all the classes can function as producers and consumers and parents and elderly.


If you practice rule of law – meaning the natural law of torts (not legislation, which is not law, but either contract or command. And commands are not laws, but commands alone), then you will produce a mixed economy.

If you practice discretionary rule or legislative rule you will produce failed attempts at the MONOPOLIES of communism (underclass) socialism (working class), or capitalism (middle and upper middle class). When instead we require communism (redistribution), socialism (production of commons), and capitalism (production of goods, services, and information) in EVERY economy.

THE ASHKENAZI (Authoritarian) VS EUROPEAN (Rule of Law ) DEBATE
1 – Germanics (Masculine) : Rule of Law and Mixed economies.

2 – French (Feminine): Republican Socialism

3 – Ashekanazi (authoritarian): Communism, Libertarianism, Neo-Conservatissm.

4 – Ashkenazi-Russian-Chinese (Authoritarian) : Communism, Socialism.

However, the Ashkenazi and the French are the intellectual vanguard of authoritarianism, having produced every variation from Rousseau to the Postmodernists, and Marx/Boas/Freud/Cantor/Trostsky/Lenin/Mises/Rothbard all the way to the Frankfurt school.

While the french retaliated against the english use of empiricism with their nonsense rationalism, and the germans imitated Rousseau with their nonsense moralism, it was the Ashkenazi of Europe, Russia, and America, who weaponized pseudoscience and propaganda against western civilization by creating pseudoscientific cults with false promise of economic and political paradise just as they had done so in the ancient world with false promise of life after death.

Every time you ask the question which is better you are demonstrating that you have been the victim of a pseudoscientific cult in the modern world, just as your ancestors were the victims of supernatural cults in the anceient world.

The only economy possible is a mixed economy.