by Eric Best

The left was once scattered and relatively powerless, though not as much as the true right today, since there weren’t the same societal and institutional pressures keeping them from organizing and acting. They had sources of funding and support both foreign and domestic to lessen the risk they faced. An important fringe leftist in the 60’s would have, for instance, an unassailable position in a University and a circle of admirers among the upper class. Even if a majority of Americans would find them detestable (if they knew who they were), they would not lose their job and more importantly, would not be outcast from their part of society. It took them decades to get where they are now, having taken over so many institutions that their ideology and worldview is now the default.

We can’t imitate them because we don’t have 50 years to do it and the social dynamic is totally different. Everyone knows what they can do as an individual in their own life to be better and prepare (i.e. stop being a NEET sperging out uselessly on the internet) but 1 million individuals even of quality do not make an army. What is the first real step to organizing seriously? What does it look like?