1 . Races mature at different rates and depths. From fast to slow: Black, Mixed, White, Asian. Rate of maturity determines (a) aggression, (b) sensitivity to signaling (c) compliance, (d) attention. With blacks beginning as early as kindergarden. The races differ in testosterone levels by rates of development Black, mixed, white, asian).

2. Racial differences in physical, spatial, and verbal trait expression are as great as gender differences in physical, spatial, and verbal trait expression. (Sitting is more harmful to the cognitive and social development of black and brown boys than utilitarian for white and east asian girls.)

3. Differences in the median behavior of racial groups are largely difference in the sizes of the classes. There is a *huge* difference in underclass size between black, brown, white,( jewish), and east asian. In other words, while there is about a half standard deviation between the median of the four major ethnic groups, this means that the vast majority of black and brown students are from the underclasses, laboring classes, and working classes – and whites, jews, and asians from the lower middle, middle, upper middle classes.

4. Differences between the classes is determined by distribution of (a) Trait Industriousness and Orderliness, (b) Trait Intelligence (intelligence is best treated as a personality trait), (c) Rates and Depth of Maturity (Neoteny). (d) religion and parent’s class. (Class rotation exists but it small, because it is genetic, and is usually up or down by one rank.)

5. Races, classes, and genders, overwhelmingly tend to seek (demonstrate) behavioral norms of their group’s majority (median), for the simple reason that Signals (status signals, association, cooperation, reproductive, cohabitation signals) are “cheaper and easier” within group (by kin selection) than across group.

6. This means nothing more than that it’s NOT RACE BUT KIN SELECTION, CLASS, MATURITY, AND SIGNALING, competition and that White and Asian parents prefer not to have their children adopt LOWER CLASS BEHAVIORS.

7. Lower class behaviors tolerate higher impulsivity (lower self discipline, or what we call ‘Agency’), whereas the principle differences between class behaviors are suppression of impulse and conformity. in other words, stoicism (mindfulness) increases linearly with class.

8. Proximity Creates Hostility. Diversity is not a good. Conflict, Status Competition, and Violence between groups increases rapidly when in proximity because of differences. Those frustrations disappear without proximity.

Or for the room temperature IQ crowd: We pretend race and class don’t matter. They both exist and matter greatly. But of race and class, it is CLASS that matters regardless of race.

No one objects to upper middle class anyone anywhere in the world, which is why the upper middle class professionals readily move around the world and integrate without any difficulty. Everyone everywhere in the world objects to integrating with laboring and underclasses. And frankly, the evidence is that those classes are fine AS LONG AS NOT FORCED TO INTEGRATE.


And we see the same results.

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