Well, we are in new territory, because we have not been in a situation where women are able to produce sufficient income that they can pay other women to raise their children before, rather than depend upon men for income (and defense). It’s just never happened before.

There is no means of producing that kind of male leadership for approximately two thirds of males.

Without the compromise of marriage and the family and the division of labor, under contemporary technology, women basically do not need men whatsoever, unless they can capture one of the top third of men. And that is what is happening. It’s working out for about half of men and the other half are basically screwed.

There are means of fixing this problem so that we nullify the ancestral family in accordance with the new economic and biological reality. (Which in turn restores our pre-agrarian relationships to their evolutionary state: serial relationships where women are heads of ‘households’. And men rotate through them as desired. with brothers and uncles providing ingroup care rather than husbands providing that care. That’s what we did prior to agrarianism and agrarian marriage.

The first is to end redistribution so that we account for the higher demands of men in slower maturity, greater cellular damage, greater illness because of it and greater care needed in old age because of it.

And he second is we end redistribution due do children so that men can trade income for affection.

The third is that we restore all male institutions that have existed throughout history, for the caretaking of excess males.

The fourth is to separate male and female education again so that males can learn in a highly competitive environment.

Fifth is to create separate houses of government for men and women so that the tendency of women to welcome invaders that will destroy the productive potential of men, and male’s tendency to want to subordinate women.

Otherwise we get what we see is men creating a civil war, which is what ALWAYS HAPPENS when there is an excess of unsatisfied men.

This basically ends the experiment with universal marriage as a means of defending the polity against women bearing children and forcing the cost upon the group/tribe/village/polity. This is no problem any longer because women are, in large part, doing do.

Furthermore divorced single mothers prefer to not divide their attention between men and children. (data). So we can reverse the (relatively recent) male centered household, and create the mother centered household with the males transiting in and out of households as desired by the women.

None of that asks anything of women other than to end income provided my men to women, and end political domination of one sex over the other. If men are economically unnecessary then they are. That is what has happened because of modernity and the pill. So marriage is only valuable to 1/3 of men and women, and the rest of the time, men are merely gene contributors. So what are we going to do with those extra men – if they don’t have anything to care about?

‘Cause history is very clear on this subject