by James Santagata
(Mixture of truth and humor)

4 Phases Attack / Debate Strategy by Jewish Left*
(You’ll notice Jewish right engages using fact, logic, etc. as a default, the left not)

Phase 1: Pilpul – (Hebrew for pepper) tiring contortions to exhaust opponent while trying to mock and create the illusion of superior intellect (and morals).

Phase 2: Bilbul – (Hebrew for confusion). If the opponent calls out and crushes the Pilpul, it moves to Bilbul which is to confuse and create havoc.

Phase 3 – Bulbul – (Hebrew for “penis” or “dick”, child taunt / usage among Israelis), if one makes it past Pilpul and Bilbul the phase moves to Bulbul, name calling and pure ad hominems.

Phase 4: BooBul: A faux-Hebrewization of English “booboo” ala “I done fucked up debating that guy!!!” + Hebrew “Bul” to create the neology and stay within and satisfy the rhyming / semi-alliterative patterns above.

Phases 1-4 are predictive and simple patterns and techniques to quickly deflect, side step or crush Pilpul, Bilbul, Bulbul, and finally Boobul.