—“Question – why do women hate generalizations more than men? Women far more inclined to say “yes but not all X are like that!”, where as men get the idea that trends exist, even if some individuals are outliers to this trend. Is it to do with the risk or social ostracism or one of these female power plays?”—

Herd Instinct: Fear of being ostracized, ‘left behind’, or ‘left out of resource consumption’, or having her children face the same, because despite their children’s empirical value to the tribe,women want their children to have the best opportunities for social, economic, and reproductive success.

Men think of the tribe (generalization) women think of themselves (solipsism) and their offspring (individualism).

Female Herd “who will be harmed by this truth”,
Male Pack “what opportunity can be seized by this truth”

Hence why monogamy was a compromise that succeeded by dividing labor, and while no one had perfection each person had a ‘chance’ of benefiting from the division of labor between the genders.

The question is, what behavior will men demonstrate now that women are at least marginally as capable in the workforce within the boundaries of the majority of jobs ‘in the middle’ (easy jobs), we are returning to serial marriage, or single motherhood (maternalism).

Without invasion by more primitive groups, we would expect to see the return to maternal households in the majority of the underclasses, and save paternal households in the upper classes – as was the case throughout most of history.

With the invasion of more primitive groups we should expect to see extermination of the less competitive single motherhood maternal family by the more competitive division of labor between male producers of income and female producers of the next generation. (which is what we are seeing.)

To men, everything is a disribution (bell curve). To women everything is a flat line in the making.