by Nick Dahlheim

The whole concept of inter-generational guilt is INSANE and not derivable by law, cooperation, reciprocity…

The fact is, human history is filled with violence, terror, slavery / serfdom, war, genocide…these are the norms…

The reality:

1) conquest and genocide has been dominant for all of human history, and the most influential actions peoples can take.

(2) migrations in history are the norm not the exception.
(3) asymmetric warfare is the norm not the exception.
(4) the second generation of land migrants into the North American continent exterminated the first.

The Romans exterminated the Celts. The Arabs exterminated five great civilizations of the ancient world and reduced them to ignorance and poverty. Which past crimes do we correct? Or do we work in the present to cooperate?
“—-Eric Danelaw