Shintoism is a natural religion.

Classicism was a reformation of indo-europeanism. Stoicism-Epicureanism is a reformation of classicalism.

Buddhism is a reformation of Hinduism. Hinduism an evolution of indo-iranianism. Just as zoroastrianism was a reformation of indo-iranianism.

Christianity is a heresy of Judaism, and Islam is a heresy of Christianity. All three rely upon the same form of argumentative deception.

Roman catholicism a reformation of orthodoxy. protestantism a reformation of catholicism. humanism a reformation of protestantism. democratic secular socialism a reformation of humanism.

Marxism is a reformation of judaism, libertarianism a class heresy of marxism, and neoconservatism a class heresy of marxism.

Theology (east), philosophy(athenian) and empiricism(greco-roman), are evolutions of customary law.