—-“A great first thing to train out of is embarrassment – one of the cardinal signs of lack of agency.”—- Andy Curzon

I mean, if you wanna start with the first and most important step in ‘never take anything personally’ that’s the first step.

—-“Be careful not to conflate the processes of ‘pushing away’ (to use the lingo) unhelpful thoughts with the action of redirecting. I do not believe redirecting to be possible, per se. I can only describe a parallel to this by the example of the pathological ‘self-esteem’ movement – or the counterproductive sales pitch of ‘follow your bliss’. One can not AIM for happiness or self-esteem because they are RESULTS of actions. One can not ‘aim’ for a specific thought – but one can ask questions. The practice of asking for something (a form of prayer) and allowing one’s trained ‘wisdom’ to answer it and receive feedback seems akin to the conjecture and refutation processes Popper espouses.”— Andy Curzon


You cannot circumvent a network of information, you can only train the network of information to come to different conclusions through self-questioning. hence the value of archetypes (gods, demigods, heroes) especially those that are omniscient (can read your subconscious). These train you to role play in a dialog that retrains networks. It works.