—“The main problem of western civilization is humanism (automatic attribution of human traits to inhuman people).”— Günther Shroomacher

—“Eugenics, in the vernacular, often equates to needless discretionary euthanasia. Eugenics via negativa would consist of eliminating and preventing dysgenic policies and practices i.e. the welfare state etc. Eugenics via negativa is eugenic by not practicing dysgenics. — Bill Joslin‎

—“No society is rich enough to artificially prop up a nation indefinitely via education or instruction. A high IQ just makes it cheaper.”— Lisa Outhwaite

—“Hierarchy (A Pack) requires only that you seek your position. There is no fear of exclusion, only change in position. Equality (A Herd) has no position so one is either in and conforming our out for not. This is the origin of male(conservative) female (liberal) minds, and their cognitive, moral, and political biases.”— CD

—“Packs survive by fighting together and protecting each other, regardless of position in the hierarchy. Herds survive by fleeing and leaving the weak behind.”— Andy Lunn

—“The rothbardian argument originated in a bias to favor the concentration of savings for the purpose of redeployment as usury over the utility of credit. (yes, really, that’s the reason)”— CD

—“Politics boils down to generation of demand in response to intuitions of genetic self-interest. Why? IDEOLOGICAL explanatory power is less explanatory than BIOLOGICAL explanatory power.”—Butch Leghorn

—“The internet is revealing TRUTH in a way that humanity has never before seen, and the effects will change us as a species.”—Noah J Revoy

—“Find the sacred, and you’ll likely find ignorance. For the sacred is that which we hold above criticism, thus removing our best means of education.”—Skye Stewart

—“10,000 hours and all that. Novelty is exploration. Repetition is refinement.”—Ely Harman

—“Novelty seeking is the preoccupation of those who lack the ability to master.”—Noah J Revoy