A New Education For The New Minds Of The New Era

The Science, Strategy, Law, and Philosophy of Western Civilization

No More Lies.
The Truth Is Enough.
The Truth Created The West.
Truth Can Restore The West.

A Reformation, A Restoration, and A Rennaisance.

Western People, and Western Civilization, and Western Achievements, are superior to every other civilization, by every single measure, not only separately, but collectively. But our traditions were insufficiently articulated to survive the left’s systemic pseudoscientific attack on the Germanic west, by their repetition of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic supernatural attack on the Roman west in the ancient world. Yet by scientifically articulating, and teaching, the western group evolutionary strategy, our organization, our science, and history we can not only restore western civilization but defend it from future attacks, and continue our tradition of dragging mankind into the future as we have dragged mankind into modernity.

A University, And Education, for The Age

We’re Dedicated to the Explanation of, and Solution to, the False Promises of the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries – preventing a new dark age, and restoring western civilization to its trajectory of dragging mankind into omniscience and omniscience of the gods we imagined.

Who We Are
We are a movement of thinkers from around the world, outside the ideological confines of the Academy, with a deep empirical understanding of the personal, social, economic, and political failures of the past century and a half, and who seek a solution to the crisis of our age – not just for Americans, not just for the Anglo-sphere, not just for Western Civilization but for all mankind.

Our Goal
Our Mission is solve the great problems of our age, come to settlement over the current civil war – and if not, to continue it until justice for all is achieved, and those who have committed crimes against our people brought to justice.

The mission of The Institute is to teach new generations what hasn’t been taught: grammar, logic, testimony, rhetoric, behavioral economics, and strictly constructed natural law, to bring about the reversal of the industrialization of lying and the end of baiting peoples of the world into hazard by false and unwarrantable promises of freedom from physical, natural, and evolutionary laws.

“Truth is Enough”

What We Do Here

There is a large demographic, especially of males that want to grasp the world, change the world, with the best education available, but that they were denied – one that is (a) true (b) in their interests, (c) assists them in defeating the social construction of falsehoods by the left – designed to destroy them, their culture, their civilization – and their race … for the second time.

We provide that education.


Our Purpose

To convert western aristocratic egalitarian philosophy into rational and scientific terms: Anglo Conservatism is the remnant of the European Aristocratic Manorial system and the Classical Liberal philosophy of the Enlightenment combined with our ancient indo-european instincts for group persistence and land-holding: truth-telling, the jury, and heroism.

This philosophy – which separates the west from the rest – currently consists as a set of sentiments rather than as an rationally articulated philosophy expressed in scientific terms. And without that rational articulation, conservatives lack the ability to create and promote a plan that is a positive and rhetorically defensible alternative to the hazards of accidental bureaucracy and purposeful socialism.

This lack of an articulated philosophy leaves conservatives vulnerable in the public debate with Schumpeterian public intellectuals whose advantage in both volume of production, and simplicity of argument poses a nearly insurmountable challenge.

Propertarianism solves this problem of supplying a necessary, sufficient, and formal articulation of western aristocratic egalitarianism in ratio-scientific language, and the means by which to restore our civilization to its competitive advantage: Truth Telling Suppression of Free Riding, and The Construction of Commons, embodied a formal, logic, of law.

The Strategy

    1. A Moral License (Prevention of Genocide)
    2. A Beneficial Solution (Devolution,Decentralization)
    3. A Set of Demands (A New Constitution)
    4. A Plan of Transition ( Organized Incremental Restructuring )
    5. A Strategy for Altering the Status Quo (Infrastructure Fragility)
    6. An Intellectual Vanguard (Skilled in Natural Law)
    7. An Informed Populace (promoting the benefits not the science)
    8. An Organized Body Of Men ( < 1%, and we have at least 6% already. )
    9. A Deterministic Victory. (Federal durability is less than 90 days)
    10. A System of Perpetuation (the Judicial Cult of the Natural Law)

Our Mission

  1. An Intellectual Vanguard.
  2. A Community of Common Interest
  3. An Informed Populace
  4. A Popular Revolution to Restore the Constitution
  5. A Set of Policies to end Financialization, Deception, and Politicization
  6. A Renaissance of Western Civilization.
  7. By the restoration of:
    1. Individual Sovereignty
    2. The Natural Law of Reciprocity
    3. The Rule of Law
    4. Universal Application of the law,
    5. Equality in the Courts, under the Natural Law.
    6. The extension of liability and involuntary warranty of due diligence from products and services to information
      1. ... On Speech in Public to The Public, in Matters Public
      2. ... Adding The Prohibition on False Promise, Baiting into Hazard
      3. ... And Restoring Defamation: libel and slander
    7. Universal Standing in matters of the commons
    8. Voluntary Association and Dissociation
    9. Education in The History and Strategy of Western Civilization
    10. Self determination of peoples.

Truth Is Enough

The Natural Law of Reciprocity of Sovereign Peoples

The Talmud to deceive 

The Bible to enslave 

The Koran to conquer 

The Manifesto to steal 

The General-Theory to impoverish 

The Critique to exterminate

The Truth to make us free 

The Law to keep us free

No More Lies

Revolt, Separate, Prosper, Speciate

Let A Thousand Nations Bloom

Our Origins

Timeline of Propertarianism

Our History

“In 1992, in frustration over the dishonesty and incompetence of political speech I set out to create a fully commensurable, value-neutral, language and logic of ethics and politics.

By 2001 I’d understood that while the libertarians were lost in the sophistry of continental philosophy, that they also had a particular set of insights, and began working with their analysis of ethics, time, money, property, economics and law.

In 2006 I began working half time on the project.

By 2009 I was working nearly full time, on the project and understood the full scope of work but that I had to solve the problem of truthful speech even if I’d produced the value neutral logic, grammar, and vocabulary.

By 2012 I realized I had produced not only my original intention but algorithmic natural law, and a basis for constitutional reform.

By 2014 I had solved the core problems of epistemology and started experimenting by arguing against libertarianism.

By the fall of 2017 finished the most detailed part of the work – the Grammars.

And after taking off ninety days to recover, I spent most of 2018 on the last draft of the book.

This is a project the scope of which no university would have let me pursue, leading to conclusions contrary to the gated institutional narrative they indoctrinate, and which is beyond and somewhat counter to my original understanding and intent.

But it is what it is: the completion of the scientific method and its application to all disciplines, resulting in the natural law.“– Curt Doolittle

The Origin and Spread of the Abrahamic Dark Age

The Revolt Against The Scientific World

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