Women are the Problem. Domestically and Internationally



There is only one international problem: the size of the underclass population – under say, 100. That’s it. We will some day soon have to face the fact that it’s populations under 115 that are the problem for humanity and for the planet – and that all the talk-talk-talk in history is created by people above 115, who simply can’t grasp the world of the people under 100.


There is only one problem. Women voters. That’s the only problem we have. It’s the only problem we have ever had. The question is not ‘what do we do’ but ‘how do we do it’. If women can destroy the civilization by vote, then what means do we use to prevent their abilty to destroy the civilization by vote?

So there is only one domestic problem: female voters. And one international problem: female reproduction under the the minimum. Both of these problems are solvable. They just aren’t pleasant to solve.


The problem isn’t complicated at all.

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Joel Davis on Deflationary Government

By Joel Davis

The enforcers (sovereigns) produce law, and as a consequence, markets. The taxpayers (subjects) use the markets, under the law, as consumers of market goods, services, and information.

I would advocate a constitution as a contract of mutually enforced recipriocity (justice) between enforcers.

I would advocate the enforcers appoint a supreme justice (or supreme court of justices) as supreme authorities on the application of the constitution.

I would advocate the enforcers appoint a governor-general (president) as supreme commander (chief executive) of the enforcers.

And, I would advocate a senate to represent them in negotiations with other sovereigns (foreign policy), and with their customers (taxpayers) who I would advocate have their own house of representatives they elect to negotiate on their behalf with the enforcer elected senate (economic policy).


The Reasons for Decreasing Crime – In Order

FYI: Reasons for the decrease in crime.

1) widespread availability of cheap, high calorie, fast food, laden with monosodium glutamate, and/or consisting of carbohydrates, and/or high fructose corn syrup sugars.

2) widespread use of cheap marijuana,

3) widespread availability of cheap digital entertainment products.

4) widespread availability of free pornography,

5) widespread overweight underclass population lacking physical energy and speed,

6) widespread broken-window zero-tolerance policies by the police, courts, and legislatures – reversing motherly and progressive policies,

7) widespread increase in incarcerated population,

8) aggressive feminization of males from early childhood in the school system.

9) limited expansion of stand-your-ground laws, restoration of self-defense policies, and increase in home gun ownership.


The Literature of “Growing Up”

Literature of Growing Up: Rothbard, Friedman, Sowell, Hayek. (and Me)

Grownups should ignore Rothbard. He’s talking in children’s stories. Parables. Silly stuff. If you wanna read teenager stories read Friedman. He is as close to correct as I know how to get. If you wanna read junior college stories read Sowell. He talks about the rest of the society not just the economy. If you want to read university stories read hayek. He talks about civilizations. If you want post-graduate work, you’re gonna have to wait for me, ’cause it’s gonna take that to make conservatism and libertarianism into a persuasive science rather than a moral literature.


Sovereignty Liberty, Freedom: It Starts with the Militia

Apr 16, 2017 8:49am

**Rule of Law, by Natural Law, with Universal Standing, and Universal Applicability: A contractual corporation consisting of a distributed dictatorship of sovereign militia (men). **

A constitution of natural law creating a distributed private government, each member with one share ownership, purchasable by reciprocal insurance of all other members.

With an independent judiciary, and and a hereditary monarchy providing a judge of last resort.

Under such a corporation, under such a form of management, under such a contract, we have only productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary exchange, free of negative externality, in markets for association, cooperation, reproduction, production private of goods, services, and information, commons of goods, services, and information, and the production of polities themselves, ad the means by which to cooperate.

Government without discretion. Rule of Law between men, not over men.

( I have to substitute ‘militia’ for men, or the entire chain of reasoning is lost. )


The Origins Of Easter (Eastra)

(and yes, the bunny and the eggs are legit)

The word Easter is of Saxon origin, “Eastra”, the goddess of spring, in whose honour sacrifices were offered each year.

Easter was a ‘movable feast’ which was celebrated on the first Sunday following the full moon after the March equinox.”

Eostre, goddess of Spring, (also known as Ostara, Austra, and Eastre.) One of the most revered aspects of Ostara for both ancient and modern observers is a spirit of renewal.

Celebrated at Spring Equinox on March 21, Ostara marks the day when light is equal to darkness, and will continue to grow.

As the bringer of light after a long dark winter, the goddess was often depicted with the hare, an animal that represents the arrival of spring as well as the fertility of the season.

According to Jacob Grimm’s Deutsche Mythologie, the idea of resurrection was ingrained within the celebration of Ostara: “Ostara, Eástre seems therefore to have been the divinity of the radiant dawn, of upspringing light, a spectacle that brings joy and blessing, whose meaning could be easily adapted by the resurrection-day of the christian’s God.”

The 7th to 8th-century English monk Bede, wrote that Ēosturmōnaþ [ee-oh’-ster-mohnth’] (Old English: ‘Month of Ēostre’, translated in Bede’s time as “Paschal month”) was an English month, corresponding to April, which he says “was once called after a goddess of theirs named Ēostre, in whose honour feasts were celebrated in that month”.

The most widely-practiced customs on Easter Sunday include the symbol of the rabbit (‘Easter bunny’) and the egg. The rabbit was a symbol associated with Eostre, representing the beginning of Springtime.

Likewise, the egg has come to represent Spring, fertility and renewal. In Germanic mythology, it is said that Ostara healed a wounded bird she found in the woods by changing it into a hare. Still partially a bird, the hare showed its gratitude to the goddess by laying eggs as gifts.

(I love taking the babylon, jerusalem, and memphis propaganda out of our traditions and myths so that we can remember ourselves as we were before our defeat under constantine );

Curt Doolittle


Our Renewal

Please take a moment during this day of renewal, rebirth, and resurrection, to contemplate our civilization’s restoration, renewal, rebirth, and resurrection as one family, one people, who, for thousands of years, all alone, in small numbers, and little wealth, have struggled, by the virtue of our character, and our traditions, to drag humanity, imperfectly, sometimes badly, but continuously, out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, disease, and tyranny, one generation at a time.