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Stop Denying Who We Are


I mean, you can choose: Western sovereignty by which we and humanity profit from our incremental transformation of man from impulsive animal into human with agency in the pursuit of sovereignty for all, or the Semitic, Persian profit from the expansion of the underclass and the continuous devolution of man. Or the Chinese authoritarian version that seems to always end in stagnation.

Only one of these models has served to raise man out of ignorance and poverty in the bronze, iron, and steel, ages,

That’s the west.

Stop denying who we are.

We are the people who domesticated the animal man for fun and profit by breeding for agency, such that with agency we can produce a population of sovereigns – equal among the gods.

Every group of humans can take this strategy if they choose.


Universalism vs Particularism


I don’t think universalism has to be ‘taught’. It’s just the rational choice when you are wealthy enough to gamble on the potential to increase the scale of cooperation. Conversely, non-cooperation in a condition of wealth where you forgo opportunities for cooperation is costly. These are evident in all walks of life.

I think universalism arises in periods of empire (colonialism) and declines in periods of contraction – and now that the gains of the enlightenment have been equi-distributed across the world, I think that we are in a period of contraction so that particularism is returning to the ‘natural state’ of man.

I have been looking at history as progressions through economic phases, and the demand for different abilities at each phase and scale and I see a world where calories are of little coast and consequence but VALUE to one another is reduced to zero OTHER than political value. This is what we are ‘intuiting’.

This is a ‘return to normal’ so to speak.

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Western Ying vs Yang = Fiction vs Law


(profoundly important)

FICTION ( possibility – opportunity – productivity )
LAW ( decidability – limits – parasitism )

Of the following, which is fiction, which is law?

A) Golden Rule : Do unto others as you would have done unto you.
B) Silver Rule: Do not unto others as you would not have done unto you.

Fiction and Law serve as the western equivalent of Ying and Yang.

But our western model innovates, and Ying and Yang stagnates.



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How Do We Communicate Ideas with Fiction but Not Falsehood?


William Butchman
—“We have a universe of potentiality available to us. Is potential which has not yet been called into being ‘fiction’, is it ‘false’?”—

Curt Doolittle
No. We can state it falsely, but we cannot state that which we can envision is yet false. no. To respect natural law we must merely not make false claims. This is the beauty of fiction (literature) vs fictionalism (religion, pseudo-rationalism, pseudoscience – the discourse of conflation) Fiction makes no truth claims, it merely spreads ideas. If it makes truth claims, (particularly ‘smear campaigns against past idols) then that is not fiction but fictionalization – conflation)

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Do What You Were Born To Do


Killing is what we evolved to do – and we are excel at it. We are evolution’s super-predators. And hunting, sport, and soldiery are poor substitutes for the heady war of warrior kinsmen. There is no higher good, no higher achievement, no greater demonstration of your self and your people, your culture and your civilization, than the defeat, decimation, deprivation, and enslavement of your enemies, and the distribution of their women, their property, and their territory. We don’t need to shrink from the opportunity to war for our kin – but REVEL in it.

We need not water the tree of sovereignty, liberty, freedom with the blood of enemies and tyrants lightly – but drench it, and thoroughly.

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FBI Finds Alt Right Talking Treason?

Huh. I thought restoring the constitution to natural law was an obligation mandated by the framers, and the very reason for the constitution and the second amendment.

As far as I know, under natural law, the constitition of which is an expression, any act against those institutions that undermines natural law, rule of law, is de facto an act of treason.

if instead, the government is limited only by what the mass of voters and the houses of government rule, then government is purely arbitrary.

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Chasing Down ‘Libertarian’ Smells


Matt Mitchell
—“Curt, is there anything in particular that I said that goes against what you said? For markets to function there needs to be a particular order in the first place, right? Things can change in time, yes, though there are things that do not change or are unlikely to change. Forcing people to live one way or the other, doesn’t help in any way.”—

Curt Doolittle
Hmmm…. well, you know, I have a job right? And in my job I look for opportunities to encourage people to think ‘completely’. So to some degree I’m just ‘riffing’ off your post to get people to think.

But in the context of your post, you are implying steady state, homogeneity, and religious authority necessary to indoctrinate those beliefs – when people merely choose the beliefs that suit their circumstances.

So that I felt the need to do was to remind you and others, that we are not agrarians any longer. That the world of modern urbanity is much more like living as diasporic tribes floating between city-markets, trading our goods (skills, labor), and that we do not have the steady state, the homogeneity, or the ability to indoctrinate under these conditions, and as such we can only struggle to impose limits and exceptions (laws) in a jurisdiction, not ‘regularities’ (beliefs).

So I was reacting to a ‘libertarian smell’, and ‘false assumption’ smell to your argument.

Trade always existed. Cities were created by violence. Markets were created by violence. Trade routes were created by violence. More violence than the thieves could muster to prey upon them.

The truth is, we have to fight. And that’s all there is to it. So what is the social order that both allows us to fight and eliminates the need to fight?

Rule of law.

So yes, forcing people to live under increasing suppression of parasitism is unquestionably in all of history a ‘good’. It may in fact, be the good that produces the highest returns of all. Even more so than the division of labor. Because it is the first good that makes the division of labor possible.


Force, fire, water, air, and words, are good things put to good purpose. Or bad things put to bad purpose. They are not intrinsically good or bad.

“Code smell”, also known as bad smell, in computer programming code, refers to any symptom in the source code of a program that possibly indicates a deeper problem. According to Martin Fowler, “a code smell is a surface indication that usually corresponds to a deeper problem in the system”.