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Definition: Natural Law

Natural Law.  The One Law.  The Law of Cooperation.

Whereas: The benefits of cooperation multiply so vastly that no individual can survive long or easily without it.

NEGATIVA: non-provocation: non imposition of costs against property in toto: that which others have born costs to obtain an interest in without imposing costs upon that which others have born costs to obtain an interest in.

POSITIVA: reward: the requirement that we limit our actions that affect the property-in-toto of others to those that cause productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfer, limited to productive externalities.s.
Natural Law is strictly constructed from the prohibition on the imposition of costs that would cause retaliation and thereby increase the costs, uncertainty, risk, and decrease the incentive to cooperate, resulting in a decrease in the velocity of cooperation that creates prosperity in a division of perception, cognition, knowledge, labor, and advocacy.

The attempt to mature prehistoric european, Stoic, Roman, Germanic, and British empirical, judge discovered, common law of sovereign men, into a formal logic wherein all rights are reduced to property rights.

In other words, natural law, evolved from empirical common law, as the formal category(property), logic (construction), empiricism(from observation), and science (continuous improvement) of human cooperation.

In this view, ethics, morality, economics, law, politics constitute the science of cooperation: social science. Everything else is justification, advocacy, literature, and propaganda.

The Enlightenment Thinkers (AD 1600 – 2016)
(Bacon/English-German, Locke/British-German, Jefferson/Anglo-German, Hayek/Austrian-German, Rothbard/Jewish-Russian-German, Hoppe/German, Doolittle/Anglo-American.)

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Definition: Aristocracy

“Define aristocracy.

As far as i know it means rule by meritocracy. So one is a member of the aristocracy as long as one joins the franchise and demonstrates his merit.

Now, that is different from saying ‘nobility‘. Aristocracy is not synonymous with nobility. Although some abuse the terms and confuse ‘aristocrat’ with ‘nobility’ this is merely an error.

Although In some of the literature the nobility(priesthood) and the aristocracy(martial) are two different classes. That said, there are two forms of nobility: awarded and earned. One can join the nobility by creating a persistent family with persistent managerial position. This is a natural aristocracy of natural nobility. One can also be ennobled formally, in order to increase your chances of persisting your family into natural nobility.

Now, my family history is quite old, and from the literate, protestant preacher, commercial managerial, military officer, and lesser political classes. So I consider myself in the ‘natural’ middle class (organizers) rather than mere middle ‘consumer’ class. But in the ‘history books’ my family is referred to as ‘lesser aristocracy’. Which I translate to ‘managerial class’ that performs military service.

Now, there is also the “Romantic” and aesthetic fantasy either from the selfish-dominance or public-heroic that aristocracy refers to a spiritual belief, rather than empirically demonstrated reality.

And I am fine with this wet dream as long as it does not interfere with reality. We need to fabricate these fantasies to inspire the soldiery to risk and achievement. But it is just anotehr form of romanticism. And my function is to teach how to rule, not write songs, poetry, and propaganda.” – Curt Doolittle.

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Definitions of Techniques of Deception


Loading = Moral Loading (a form of biasing a suggestion, causing the person to be more heavily influenced by intuition – social effects.)

Framing = a form of informational cherrypicking where one eliminates some information and overloads with other information, in order to bias the conclusions of others.

Overloading = Cognitive Overloading ( The use of information, language, detail, to cause the failure of the individual to analytically tests the statement and resort to intuition – cognitive effects)

Pseudoscience and pseudorationalism, religion, and narrative are methods of Overloading. (Marxism is at present the second best form of overloading after monotheism – both of which make false utopian promises).

I sometimes separate out Environmental Overloading (Propaganda) to demonstrate overloading at scale, by industrialized means.

I sometimes refer to religion as using overloading and submission to overloading as a price of ritual entry into an identity.

Most deception occurs by the use of incomplete information to cause reliance on introspection (substitution). this kind of deception is open to denial, and therefore not open to retaliation. Whereas supplying false information rather than incomplete and suggested information is not open to denial, and therefore is open to retaliation.

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Definitions: Decentralization

Q&A: –“Curt, is decentralisation a misnomer?”—

Yes. Decentralization merely refers to redistribution of labor to additional locations without necessarily affecting the methods of decidability and degree of homogeneity. Whereas devolution, disempowerment, and secession are accurate terms since we restore the market and our ability to use it to calculate.

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Definitions of Relations


Responsible for own provision of room and board and care from the product of one’s wages.

Holds sufficient land and labor to produce goods not only for consumption but for sale in the market, as personal property.

Holds a small plot of land farmed by the family, for family consumption, as family property (this is an important distinction) – one does not have control over the property – the family does..

Holds access to a portion of land for family in exchange for a combination of labor on the manor’s holdings, in addition to some percentage of his personal production. And is bound to the land, having little or no right of exit except under certain conditions.

Receives room and board, and possible small spending money, in exchange for labor. But loses right of exit.

Bound to the land, manor, and or family, providing room board and clothing, but holds no title or rent, and no discretion.

slavery as we understand it is an historical fabrication. one could be everything from the equivalent of a full-time household employee treated as a cherished member of the family, to a farm hand, to a disposable laborer, to a prisoner with no chance of survival working in the mines.

terrible conditions which you might not be expected to survive, under hard labor, as a form of punishment.

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Definition: Paedomorphic Evolution

It’s called Paedomorphic Evolution: Genetic Pacification selecting for lower maturity – the “juvenile”. One of which is Gracilization: loss of bone mass. The ‘strange’ sexual interests of the Japanese (and the asians) and our men’s attraction to Asian women, is very likely due to the greater paedomorphism of the asians and the lower levels of testosterone. The east and the west have been engaging in genetic pacification over a long long time. The rest of the world has not. Because they were unable to reduce the bottom population.

5.5-The Production of Goods, Services, and Information · Definitions · Tech Business

Business Terminology, Scale.

ESTABLISHMENT (small/craft) An establishment is a single physical location where business is conducted or where services or industrial operations are performed.

FIRM (regional/industry): A firm is a business organization consisting of one or more domestic establishments in the same state and industry under common ownership or control.

ENTERPRISE(National/Federation) An enterprise is a business organization consisting of one or more domestic establishments under common ownership or control.


Very small businesses Fewer than 20 employees
Small businesses 20 to 99 employees
Medium businesses 100 to 499 employees
Large businesses 500 or more employees

…………………Establishment -> Firm -> Enterprise
Large >500
Medium >100
Small >20
Very Small >0

It looks like half of the people are employed by LARGE organizations, the majority of the rest by Small and very small.
I look at it like this:

Given Median Family Income: 50K:

500*50K=25M * 4 = 100M+
100*50K=5M * 4 = 20M+
20*50K=1M * 4 = ~5M+
1*50K=50K * 4 = 200K+

Revenue per employee goes up with scale.
Ratio of employee to equipment costs balances out.
As an average we tend to use 30%. (Since I’ve largely been in technology, I have never run a business where it is that low).
If we use the median income, and multiply by four that seems to produce a fairly good “rule of thumb”.

Management of companies and enterprises . . ..104,041
..Enterprises with fewer than 500 employees . . . 76,484
..Very small enterprises . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 155,557
..Small enterprises . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . 70,065
..Medium enterprises . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . 74,717
..Large enterprises . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . 108,057

The organization of production distribution and trade is the highest paying sector in america. Entrepreneurship rules.