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Media-Academia Is To Civilizational Capital, As Central Banks Are To Industrial Capital.

(by Sock ‘Frank Leibowitz’ )

Counterfeit information, derails calculation in all measures of temporality (immediate, medium term, civilizational, evolutionary).

Counterfeit money, which is a special case of information forgery, derails catallatic calculation.

Counterfeit theories derail civilizational calculation.

Media-academia is to civilizational capital, what central banks are to industrial capital.

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Some Quotes of the Day

November 16,2016

—“If people trusted their senses it would be obvious to everyone that almost every big American city is not an aristocrats garden, but more like a labor camp.”—Brian Barr

—“If our main driving force is our identity as individuals and our entitlement to life via these identities, than we are nothing but the gilt on the facade of a gas chamber.” — Benjamin Thurston

If the we regulated the informational commons by requiring we warranty our speech, then the NYT and Academy, would be organized crime orgs.