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Bill, (All),

I had to think about this overnight, but I think you’ve given me a way to speak about the difference between:
internal coherence (decidability in pursuit of preferences)
and judgement (decidability in resolution of conflict).

And I am going to have to incorporate the three factors somehow:
1) competitive utility of personal and cooperative rallying to social opportunity (coherence)
2) competitive utility of decidability in cross preference conflict (judgement)
3) competitive utility of physical transformation (truth)

Even if by ‘competitive utility’ i’m referring to the anything between the red queen (evolution-nature outside of present), Time(scarcity in the present), survival, reproductive success, social success, and economic success, and personal fulfillment.

I have had a very hard time finding a way of expressing this and I think between your statement and my understanding of peterson’s ‘literary and platonic’ I think I’m getting closer. And I think these are the three categories in the series of decidability.

Coherence > Judgement > Truth
Literature > Law > Science
Ideation > Decision > Action

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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A Correction of “Truth, Goodness, And Beauty”


Sovereignty, Truth, Excellence, and Beauty.

The original truth, goodness, and beauty betrayed an unfortunate lack of understanding.


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No. Science Is A Moral Discipline Within Natural Law: The Means By Which We Warrant The Truthfulness Of Our Statements.

(Ethelbert, Jesus, and Kant say the same thing)

The languages of science(testimony), physical science, propertarianism (social science), natural law (science of dispute resolution), accounting, finance, and economics, (measurement of production), function as the universal language of truth-telling.

The discipline of science asks us to warranty that we have performed due diligence on our statements. We warranty that we have eliminated error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, obscurantism, pseudoscience, and deceit from our utterances.

That’s what science is:

A NATURAL LAW: a warranty of our information, just like the warranty of our services, just as the warranty of our products, just as the warranty of our speech.

Period. End of story.

I know. You thought you were smart. You were so proud that you had transcended superstition. But it never occurred to you that you were just as ridiculous in the present generation due to the pseudosciences of Marx, Freud, Boaz, Adorno than your superstitious ancestors were in the pseudoscience of theology.

Ok. Have we got that straight? Look in the mirror. Repeat after me: “I was suckered by pseudoscience, just like my ancestors were suckered by superstition. I am a sucker. I pledge not to be a sucker any longer. There is only one moral rule in both silver(negative) and gold (positive) forms: Impose not cost upon the cost born by others, by limiting yourself to actions and words, consisting only of productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfer, limited to productive externalities.

Ethelbert (Anglo-Saxon Silver Rule), Jesus (Golden-Rule), and Kant (bi-metal rule), all said the same thing. Everything else is lies to justify theft and to circumvent voluntary transfers between individuals classes and groups.

Ok. We’re done here.

“Please stop torturing me with your postmodern superstitions, ok?. Thanks, -The Management.”

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy

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Religion = Infantilization, Truth=Transcendence

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Western Truth Vs The Lie Of Social Construction

Aug 22, 2016 9:36am

(important piece) (synthesizing) (readable)

—“Constructionism involves the creation of a product to show learning. It is believed by constructivists that representations of physical and biological reality, including race, sexuality, and gender, as well as tables, chairs and atoms are socially constructed. Kant, Garns, and Marx were among the first to suggest such an ambitious expansion of the power of ideas to inform the material realities of people’s lives.”—

1) To act successfully one must act correspondingly (truth).
2) We discover correspondence: Personally, Socially, Contractually, Legally, Scientifically, Aesthetically.
3) We can VALUE those discoveries more, or less, as they assist or impede our group evolutionary strategy.
4) We can construct norms (including myths, and falsehoods) to convey those values(truth or falsehood) we attach to our discoveries.
5) But we will pay the cost of any values that we attach to discoveries,

Race, sexuality, gender, chairs, tables, and atoms may or may not be socially discovered. They are absolutely socially valued.

But they correspond to reality.

Because reality does not care about our values.

And those that value falsely pay the cost, and those that value truthfully, reap the reward.

Truth determines velocity of everything in a culture. Not only the economy, and therefore our wealth, but the velocity of our evolution, and even our ability to survive in competition with other societies.

The best way to harm a people is to teach them to value a falsehood. You poison the mind, which poisons other minds. You leave the body alive, but kill the civilization.

The only reason social construction is available is because a new technology for information distribution has become available, and the discovery of a means of correcting the falsehood faster than it spreads is impossible.

Whether it be the oral tradition and travel in prehistory, writing and pulpit and roads in the ancient world, or printing and shipping in the modern, or media and propaganda in the present, the cost of deception is always higher than the cost of falsehood.

Ergo we must develop institutions that correct falsehoods over time, and bear the intertemporal cost of the damage done by those falsehoods.

Thankfully the west has the most responsive technology for defeating lies and deceits and propaganda: natural, judge-discovered, common law, with universal standing and universal application. The first successful suit creates the prohibition against falsehoods (frauds).

We merely must defend the informational commons by requiring a warranty of due diligence against informational harm, as we do with every other kind of harm.

What prevented us from institutionalizing the requirement for truthful speech in the commons was a failure to understand how to test for truthfulness.

Now that we have this test, we can enforce an involuntary warranty of due diligence against any speech placed into the commons.

And while it may take some skill to test, just as grammar and meaning take some skill to test, and while it may take some greater explanation to employ these tests, they are not altogether that difficult if we restore grammar, logic, and rhetoric, and merely add operational language (e-prime) to that list.

If we can teach mathematics which is not intuitive, we can teach grammar, logic, rhetoric, and operational language, which is. These are the two languages with which we describe the world: the mathematical for the inanimate non-sentient and physical, and the operational for the animate, sentient, and intellectual.

The tests of due diligence for the warranty of truthfulness are:
1 – categorical consistency (identity and non-conflation)
2 – internal consistency (logical and non-contradictory)
3 – external consistency (external correspondence)
4 – operational consistency ( existential possibility)
5 – moral consistency ( voluntary possibility )
6 – scope consistency (limits, full accounting, and parsimony)

If we test any utterance against these six criteria, then it is almost impossible to engage in error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, overloading, pseudoscience, and deceit, without intentionally engaging in deceit.

And just as reason in the ancient world’s greek civilization raised man out of ignorance, and British science in the modern world rescued us from mysticism, poverty and disease, truthfulness in the present world will have as great an effect on mankind – both disruptively, and beneficially.

We are the men of the west. Truth is both our most powerful weapon in defeat of the dark forces of time, ignorance, and deceit, and our most powerful technology of Transcendence.

With truth we shall become the gods we seek.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute

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Truth, Law of Information, Natural Law of Cooperation, Physical Law of the Universe

(religion) (read it and weep) (advances on hume, damning of rawls)

[O]ur brains are smaller than those of our distant ancestors.

With the evolution of language we were able to learn more by shared calculation: in the form of thinking and reasoning than we could by our own observation, memory, and judgement.

By communicating using language thereby transferring experience, we extended our perception, could make use of other’s memories.

But with greater perception and less individual certainty of that perception, we needed a means of judgement. Or what we call, a method of decidability.

With greater numbers, and a greater division of perception, we required even greater tools of judgement, of choice, of decidability.

We needed ‘theories’ of the good. And those theories evolve in parallel with the extent of our cooperation:
“What is good for me?” and “What is true enough for me to act?” using the criteria “So that what I gain by the action is preferable to not doing so.”

1) What is good for me : what is true enough for me to act without retaliation

2) What is good for me and good for us : what is true enough to encourage future cooperation?

3) What is good for me and good for us, and good for all those like us, so that we encourage cooperation of others, and do not encourage retaliation.

4) What is good for me, and good for us, and good for all mankind, so that we TRANSCEND. (Evolve).

This problem of decidability is the origin of our myth, religion, and philosophy – and now science. These techniques
Just as in ethics we start with mythical inspiration, and evolve into ethical virtues, to ethical rules, to ethical outcomes, we evolve from the actions of the individual, to the ethics of cooperation, to the ethics of cooperation at scale, to the ethics of transcendence of man.

So, to confer decidability upon all, from the young child to the old and wise, the method of decision making must be accessible for use by everyone from the young child to the old and wise.

A religion comprises a group evolutionary strategy, wherein members are taught metaphysical, mythical, traditional, and normative methods of decidability, by means of analogy.

Traditional law codifies this strategy in prohibitions. Why prohibitions? Because we can all equally refrain from the violation of that group evolutionary strategy, but we cannot equally contribute to the furtherance of that group evolutionary strategy. We are equal in ability to not do, but we are not equal in ability to do.

A group’s evolutionary strategy can be successful or unsuccessful in the persistence of the group – such as by being dependent upon local phenomenon that can change: the worship of the sun so logical in the agrarian era, is no longer so logical in an era of trade, or of industry, or of energy, or of information.

A group’s evolutionary strategy can be successful but violate principle three: in that it encourages retaliation: murder, career thievery, Gypsy petty parasitism, Jewish organized and systemic parasitism, muslim invasion and raiding, Russian low trust propaganda and lying, and Chinese and European ‘Asymmetric Colonialism’.

A groups evolutionary strategy can violate principle four by inhibiting transcendence – such as islam’s demand for respect and mandated ignorance – or a strategy can construct transcendence: Western Indo European Natural Law.

A group’s evolutionary strategy can provide the minimum resistance to transcendence and the maximum possibility of transcendence:

Truth telling law (Truth), Natural Law (cooperation), and physical law (correspondence), the incremental, total suppression of parasitism, under the Common Law. And genetic suppression by the incremental culling of the parasitic from the group by separation, sterilization, and hanging.

And while we can perhaps tech these concepts to children through repetition, we cannot teach it to them as inspiration, without myth, ritual, tradition, and norm to persist it across generations, and to convey it to all those regardless of age and ability.

That we require ‘religion’: myth, ritual and tradition, in narrative, literary form is a product of man’s intellectual evolution from innocent and ignorant child to jaded and experienced sage.

But whether stated as religious narrative, reasoned moral argument, rational justification, strictly constructed law, ratio-scientific criticism or testimonial truth, the actions that result from the use of these forms of communication must produce correspondent results.

So it is not the method of conveyance that we judge – since the method of argument is a measure of the speaker and the audience – but whether
The only transcendent philosophy must be natural law of man and physical law of the universe, stated testimonially – the best that man’s words are able to state.

And therefore the only transcendent religion is Testimonial Truth, The Natural Law of Cooperation, The Physical Law of Correspondence.

All else is lie to obscure parasitism and predation, or it is error that not must be not tolerated, but corrected.

If any mythological, reasonable, rational, ratio-scientific argument is incompatible with natural law, then it is merely an act of predation – an act of war – not a religion.

Christianity and Indo European Paganism are compatible with Natural Law in the production of resulting behavior, as long as inbreeding is prohibited, tolerance for violation of natural law is limited, and the culling of the underclasses by expulsion, separation, incarceration, sterilization, and hanging is encouraged as necessary for the preservation of natural law and the achievement of transcendence.

The Church may not preserve its dependents at the expense of natural law or at the expense of transcendence. That would be the work of the self interest of the bureaucracy of man, not the work of Truth and Transcendence.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine