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We are Best When We Do Not Rest

Our first wave settled all the way to the northern limits and developed a copper civilization across Europe – including our monumental stone henge.

And we rested.

Our second wave created a bronze civilization in central europe, and advanced all of europe by doing so.

And we rested.

Our third wave out of the Ukraine combined horse, wheel, bronze, and aristocracy to conquered the world from Spain to china and then slowly drag humanity out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, disease, dysgenic reproduction, and tyranny.

And then we rested.

Then we dragged the mediterranean world out of ignorance superstition, poverty, dysgenic reproduction, and tyranny.

And then we rested.

Then we dragged the european world out of ignorance, and superstition, physical labor, poverty, and disease.

And we did not rest.

Then we dragged the rest of the world out of ignorance superstition, poverty, dysgenic reproduction, and tyranny.

And we cannot rest.

We are never first. We are always fastest. Most innovative. And best.

When we do not rest.

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Hanging: Genetic Pacification in the West

Western Europe, state formation, and genetic pacification. – PubMed – NCBI

(I get sh-t all the time from newbs, but if you follow me long enough you learn: I WORK FROM THE DATA. I don’t make sh-t up. )

Evol Psychol. 2015 Mar 6;13(1):230-43.
Western Europe, state formation, and genetic pacification.
Frost P1, Harpending HC2.

During that period, 0.5 to 1% of all men were removed from each generation through court-ordered executions and a comparable proportion through extrajudicial executions, i.e., deaths of offenders at the scene of the crime or in prison while awaiting trial. The total execution rate was thus somewhere between 1 and 2%. These men were permanently removed from the population, as was the heritable component of their propensity for homicide. If we assume a standard normal distribution in the male population, the most violent 1 to 2% should form a right-hand “tail” that begins 2.33–2.05 SD to the right of the mean propensity for homicide. If we eliminate this right-hand tail and leave only the other 98-99% to survive and reproduce, we have a selection differential of 0.027 to 0.049 SD per generation.

…The reader can see that this selection differential, which we derived from the execution rate, is at most a little over half the selection differential of 0.08 SD per generation that we derived from the historical decline in the homicide rate.

Ramsey Mekdaschi (pls add to library)

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Superior, Yes. Not First, But Fastest, and Best


All evidence in the Stone, Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel ages is not that whites were superior to all other races but that whites on the eurasian plain possessed certain geographic advantages that allowed them to avoid developing monolithic civilizations in order to defend against competitors from multiple directions so endemic to warmer climates.

The general argument is that X civilization did something or other first. And this will always be true of the irrigated river valley civilizations, because of the caloric savings provided by those river valleys.

But as a consequence whites never developed the ‘bads’ that came with monolithic social and political orders, or intellectual orders, or religious orders. So, while whites were individually wealthier, they were institutionally poorer. And as a consequence, whites preserved a professional warrior caste and dependence upon a militia.

So because of this constant competition in all walks of life, combined with the ‘testimonial’ epistemology necessary in militia and warrior armies, whites advanced FASTER than the rest in each era.

In other words, good farm land but lack of concentration of river floods, left the west with institutional disadvantages and lack of concentration of wealth, and preserved competition between individuals, families, tribes, nations, and later states.

The consequence of preserving military epistemology (testimony: objective truth telling) across the land holding polity, and the competing institutions is *rapidity*.

Whites calculate change more comfortably and faster than all other social orders, and this is even evident in our very precise (high syntax, low context) languages.

And it is this organized chaos we call ‘markets in every aspect of life’ that produces such stressful uncertainty in western civilization, and we export that stress to all other civilizations, as we drag them against their will out of ignorance, superstition, stagnation, poverty, violence, tyranny and disease.

So yes. Except for that period around 1000 between the plagues of Justinian and the black plague (Both brought from Asia), whites have been demonstrably superior. Not first. But always best.

Are whites inferior?