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Free Will


—“Up until now everybody has gotten it completely backwards: free will is not rebelling against nature and escaping natural cause-and-effect, but it is exactly the opposite. By becoming part of the cause-and-effect chains and inserting ourselves into them, we gain agency.”—Moritz Bierling

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A Sentence isn’t false. The Speaker States a Falsehood.

(Bill Joslin – December 17 at 9:38pm)

There is sooo much in this small conversation!:

Curt Doolittle: A sentence does not speak. A speaker speaks a sentence. A sentence is not false. the speaker’s statement is false.

Curt Doolittle: now you understand why we say ‘is true’ rather than “i promise” – to deceive.

Moritz Bierling: Yeah, you’re borrowing objectivity for your personal statement.

Curt Doolittle: I tend to, and I try to encourage others to, think about the information that is present and the information that is missing, and the incentives to remove information. or claim information exists that does not.

We are somewhat vulnerable because the means by which we transfer meaning (substitution) is also the means by which we deceive (false substitution)

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The West Discovered The Only Scalable Solution

—“The Western peoples transferred, or rather limited, the universal drive to find and exploit high yield, low investment, low maintenance sources of energy from other people (“parasitism”) to immediately and personally moveable resources including your own body and everything it produces (“industry”). Turns out that’s the only scalable solution.”—Moritz Bierling