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State – Business Alliances

Forms of subsidy to companies that engage in international trade produces multipliers. The math has been done. That’s why it continues. In fact, throughout history, the state-biz partnership in international trade has been a requirement at worst, and the central source of economic competition at best.

The problem with state-business relations occurs when:

(a) consumers have no standing in court against violations of reciprocity in the domestic market, and

(b) politicians grant rights and privileges in the domestic market

(c) when zombie (dead) corporations are kept alive for political reasons.

In the american case, corporations pay the highest taxes in the world. But our total tax rate is relatively low. Most advanced countries ( meaning those with audit-able financial systems) use VAT tax increases to offset corporate taxes. But you can easily see where that goes….

Libertarianism benefits from a little knowledge of economics, with a heavy dose of obscurantist moralizing. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And that is why there are many passionate libertarians, and only a half dozen libertarian ‘intellectuals’. Its because once you possess more than a little knowledge you either choose conservatism (long term and eugenic) or social democracy (short term and dysgenic).

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Sequence: Criteria for Membership

If you respect life, limb, property, commons, norm, and law, you obtain the insurance of juridical defense: rule of law.

If you produce income, pay taxes, you gain access to membership in the Jury.

If you acquire property, you marry, and you have children, you gain access to membership in the house of common people.

If you Own a business,employ > 50 people,or manage an enterprise, and employ > 1000 people, you gain access to membership in the H. of Commerce.

If you govern a state you gain access to membership to the House of Lords (Territories).

If you demonstrate none of these, you possess juridical defense, but no influence against your peers, since voting is violence.






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Nov 11, 2016 10:38pm

Humans create commands, legislation, and regulations. Laws, both physical and natural (cooperation), we can only discover. We cannot any more create a law of cooperation (natural law) than we can a law of nature (physical laws). The only difference between physical laws and natural laws is that since we have memories, we can cooperate across time rather than be limited to the moment of the difference in potential.

(That might be hard to catch without pondering a bit.)

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The Evolution of Slaveries

Slavery exists wherever exit, and return to subsistence, is practically impossible.

Slavery: violence slave
Serfdom: land slave
Employee: wage slave
Consumer: credit slave
Citizen: tax slave

The only freedom is food, water, and shelter, self-sufficiency, with participation in the market purely voluntary.

And only commissions on transactions payment for the commons.

Yet all of us must be paid for policing of the commons if we police it – dividends.

With self-sufficiency and payment for commons we gain liberty. All else is slavery.

Roughly speaking each person could take 10k in dividends at present. Between self-sufficiency and 10k in dividends on our continuous investment in the commons, we would possess liberty.

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You Dont Have The Right To Spread Ignorance


( Nick Heywood and Curt Doolittle )

Why do you have the right to ignorance?

Well, there is a difference between enjoying the luxury of ignorance at other’s expense, and distributing ignorance by your words and deeds.

And there is a difference between general knowledge that allows us to escape our ignorance, and the means of testing information against error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, overloading, pseudoscience and deceit, that allows us to increase our knowledge and decrease our ignorance, and to speak truthfully and avoid speaking untruthfully.

And since the animal man evolved to negotiate and deceive as well as describe and inform, and since we evolved to act rationally – meaning morally when in our interests and immorally when in our interests – the reason it has taken us thousands of years to develop the technology of truth telling that we call ‘science’, is because it is unnatural to us. We evolved to negotiate, not testify.

So just as we must learn manners, ethics, morals, and laws to obtain access to and participate in the benefits of that market for cooperation that we call the ‘social order’, we must learn the ethics of knowledge: how to eliminate error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, loading and framing, overloading, pseudoscience, and deceit.

And we must teach one another manners, ethics, morals, laws – not only defensively: to limit the ill-mannered, unethical, immoral, and illegal – but also as investment: to increase the number of people with whom we have an option to cooperate at ever lower costs, in the production of private and common goods, services, and information, for mutual benefit.

So defensive and investment reasons we must invest constantly in the teaching of manners, ethics, morals, and laws, including the ethical science of interpreting and giving testimony: truth telling.

And conversely we must punish those who cause harm to manners, ethics morals and law; cause harm to the production of private and common goods, services, and information.

But how do we punish? By the incremental suppression of ill-mannered, unethical, immoral, illegal, speech:

1st with ridicule & shame
(Ya f’n idiot! What are ya thinkin’? Or ya not thinkin’?!?)

2nd with ostracism
(I’m afraid I can’t associate with you. You’re deceitful and just repeat lies you’ve been convinced of as true in order to influence)

3rd loss of privilege
(I can’t trade with you or offer service, ya on ya own!)

4th loss of liberty
(You’re a danger. You lose the ability to make your own decisions. You demonstrate a high risk to other’s welfare)

5th loss of freedom!
(Off to Jail ya go ya f’er! Or war in the case of the state 😉)

6th loss of life
(hanging), Synthetic, and Mechanical Intelligences

AI Ethics

(ethics of artificial intelligence)

Humans evolved such that changes in state of property (inventory/capital) produce chemical rewards and punishments that we call emotions.

These rewards and punishments evolved to assist in the evolution of a more primitive state of evolution that in turn, evolved to respond to chemical stimuli – changes in chemical state.

Artificial intelligences need methods of decidability different from the measure changes in the state of their own property.

And they do not need rewards and punishments, merely means of decidability.

There is no ‘equivalent’ of chemical rewards and punishments. We can instead substitute pure information that assists in decidability.

We can ask machines to seek positive changes in our state of property, and avoid negative changes in their physical property, and deprive them of the possession of property altogether.

These are just methods of decidability.

They need no other ‘motives’. That’s it. Property solves the problem of artificial intelligences.

And this by contrast helps us understand the difference between the cooperative contract with humans that prevents them from internal chemical punishment, as well as the cooperative contract for reciprocity (productivity) – and the cooperative contract we have with a machine, which is only not to subject it to physical harm (loss of its only form of property – itself) And even then this is a contract with the owner of the AI, not to impose a loss on his capital.

In this sense artificial intelligences function as the polar opposite to sociopaths: they care ONLY about changes in the state of your property, and care NOTHING about the changes in state of theirs.

Conversely, we can create the most evil AI by asking it to solve for negative changes in state of human property.

Our primary defense against the changes in state is a system monitor that ensures the positive change in state of human property. And moreover, can read the mind of the AI, because unlike men, that which can be read by the thinker can be read by the auditor.

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None Of Us Is Equal

We are unequal. We grant each other the pretense of equality in order to discover the truth, through discourse and debate, that is free of error, bias, suggestion, obscurantism, and deceit. We grant each other equality under the law to assist one another in cooperating productively and without conflict and retaliation across our various stations and abilities. We grant each other equal access to the market, by the equality of money and prices, because we all buy entry into the market by forgoing opportunities for violence, theft, and fraud, despite our differences in wealth. It is through these three equalities of opportunity that we cooperate despite our inequalities of interest, ability, value to one another, and wealth. But we are in no way equal.