5.7.3 Reformation of Education

The Reformation of Education

Roughly speaking we spend 10K per student per year, which varies from a low of 7k in Utah to a high of 20k in NY, plus an additional 2k per student at the federal level’s department of education. I don’t know the state overhead numbers.

As far as I can tell there is zero value provided by every single individual above the practicing teacher. As far as I can tell the entire academic establishment teaches pseudoscience in order to justify greater expenditures and higher salaries – since teaching is a pretty simple interpersonal craft more dependent upon the individual teacher’s character and abilities than any particular methodology. Teaching no subject is difficult if taught in the context of the historical narrative, and applied through repetition with natural language.

My suggestion would be to do away with all administration in the country entirely, require teachers to form sub-s corporations holding any physical plant (school) as an asset, and require each of them to carry insurance-of-performance like lawyers and accountants, series seven holders, and bonded professionals.

Deliver purchasing power parity vouchers to each student depending upon his region. Allow students and parents to shop for schools and entrepreneurs to form new ones.
This will drive students into schools that offer different teaching environments for different temperaments and in combination will restore normative behavior to the population and commons.

An homogenous germanic protestant middle class population is far different from a diverse population from different gene pools that mature at different rates to different depths. Humans do not ‘grow’ a the same rate in all senses. Nor are we endowed with equal abilities and challenges. And each must be taught as his biology allows.

There is no evidence that education of more than two to three hours a day produces any value whatsoever. There is substantial evidence that education produces infantilization and ignorance. And that a few hours a day in the late morning, and then continuous exposure to life, family, friends, commons, business and industry provides higher returns in maturity and abilities. Returning children to the labor force is more important than adding mothers to it.

We have to understand that vast numbers of women entering the workplace was not a net add. It merely reduced replacment rates, pushed men in to higher risk jobs at lower pay, forced the west to import underclasses, and force us to lie about equality of people in traits and abilities, and the only net gain was letting one generation retire early, instead of maintaining part time, light burdent work that kept them mobile, healthy, and engaged in life.


I’ve written elsewhere on cirriculum extensively, largely to eliminate pseudoscience, pseudorationalism, propaganda, and outright lies, and to return to evidentiary knoweldge.

The net is that we teach people poorly and pseudoscientifically, when the process of education is actually quite trivial.

Needless to say teachiung is a craft and teachers have talents for it or they don’t. But the process is very simple: narrative for context, basic operations, higher explanations and patterns, and repetition of all using natural lanaguage.  In the enlightenment and especially after 1920 there appears to have been a rapid expansion of the ‘crafts’ claiming academic pretenses, and incorporating pseudoscientific language into all the ‘crafts’.  Many of these ‘crafts’ are in the ‘liberal arts’ and ‘social sciences’ including education. But tehy are mere crafts consisting of a very small number of basic operations, the most important of which is subjective analysis of mental states, and the attempt to communicate how to extend that mental state.

This is not a science. It is a hand-craft that can be raised to an art.


Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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Teach Children Spectra, not nouns or verbs.


Just as we teach our children nouns, and asians teach their children verbs, what if we all taught our children spectra?

In Propertarianism I have guarded against conflation and substitution and enforced causal relations by reliance upon iterating (over and over again) spectra.

three points test a line. a spectrum tests each point.

Defense against the gravity of ignorance: our desire for reduction by a process of conflation and substitution.

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Education. Curriculum Aristocratia

(still working on an integrated curriculum)

    Athletics and Aesthetics,
    Epistemology and Testimony,
    Psychology and Sociology
    Ethics and Law
    Politics and Rhetoric
    Economics and Finance
    Group Evolutionary Strategy and War
    Accounting and Arithmetic
    Logic and Mathematics
    Materials and Transformations
    Physics and Formulae
    Chemistry and Operations
    Biology and Models
    Sentience and Simulations
    Reading, Writing and Speaking
    Fairy Tales/Mythology, Reading aloud.
    Stories, and Summaries
    Biography and Diaries
    History and Essays
    Literature and Criticism
    Argument and Refutation
    Manners and Morals
    Friendship and Play
    Partnership and Cooperation
    Mating and Sexuality
    Parenting and Family
    Medicine and Emergency
    Insurance and Caretaking
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The Church Failed To Reform And The Sciences Didn’t Have Time To Complete Their Evolutionary Program

I mean, another way to look at the 20th century is that in response to Darwin, Maxwell, Spencer, (a) the church failed to reform in response by stating that god and natural and physical laws were the same expression of his divinity, and (b) our intellectual class failed to synthesize operationalism as a means of reforming scientific thought-at its new-grand-scale, and (c) the Jewish pseudoscientists (Boaz, Marx, Freud, Cantor) filled a void that both state, academy, and finance could use to profit from the new wave of democratic voters (customers), students (customers), and consumers (customers) who they could not force to spend down their accumulated cultural and institutional capital.

We can easily argue that this is the same strategy the ancient Jews took in response to the imposition of (scientific Aryan-universalist) roman law on top of their (mystical authoritarian separatist) Jewish law. I mean, it worked against classical civilization, why wouldn’t it work against restored classical civilization of the enlightenment?

Intellectuals provide a product for a market. I am just concerned that we do not let another era of fraudulent defective products like ancient Jewish mysticism and modern Jewish pseudoscience into a civilization where second tier intellectuals, women, and the underclass are all too willing to embrace utter falsehoods at the expense of their civilization and it’s progenitors – and in the case of western civilization, all of human kind that benefits from western creativity.

So what we see, is that between the failure of democracy, the progressive failure of Keynesian economics, the failure of Freudian psychology, of Boazian anthropology, of Marxist economics and sociology, and even Cantorian infinity to survive scrutiny by late 20’th and early 21st century science, that we have at least a temporary opportunity to overthrow the Second Great Deceit’s attack on western truth, science, and eugenics.

But we have a short time before the second great deceit and it’s customers in women and the underclasses, possess such numbers that we can be forced into another dark age. And that the promise of a eugenic north America, like a eugenic Europe, insulated from the steppe, desert, and jungle, can continue to provide an engine of innovation for mankind.

For the simple reason that we pay the high cost of truthfulness: That discipline of eliminating error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, and deceit, that we call ‘science’.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

We must achieve by force what they have achieved in both the ancient and modern world by deceits.

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Grammar Can Be Taught As Testimony

But the problem of our era is the elimination of pseudoscience and deceit put forth by Marxists, Socialists, Feminists, and Postmodernists.

So there is no reason we cannot teach grammar as not just ‘the good manners of victorian expression’, but as ‘the art of preventing the pollution of the commons by those who would produce deceptions in vast numbers with ease.