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Prosecutor vs Educator – But Otherwise Its The Same Message


Stephan Molyneux won’t engage me. It’s a loss for the movement really. The contrast would be brilliant.

SECRET: I might be an effete, but I know who I am marketing to: the same as Trump-the people willing to fight.

Stephan argues MORAL CHOICE, and I argue LEGAL LIMITS. His Golden rule and my Silver. But it’s the same msg.

It’s sometimes hard to grasp the difference between creating MORAL POSSIBILITY and limiting IMMORAL ACTIONS.

Western Civilization does not engage in conflation, so RELIGION, MORALITY, and LAW are different disciplines.

Stephan practices Moral Philosophy,and I Practice Moral LAW. (Positive advocacy vs Negative threat). Same Msg

We require BOTH. Positive advocacy for the purpose of pedagogy, and negative prohibition for limits.

This is why Stephan’s work and mine overlap so much, but ‘sound’ different. He’s a teacher, I’m a prosecutor.

And if you understand scientific epistemology that’s how it functions: positive THEORY and negative TEST.

Stephan made a career out of educating. I’ve made a body of law, and I teach prosecutors. It’s that simple.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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The Racist Paul Krugman – Wishing White People Dead Even Sooner

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—“Searching for economic and cultural reasons why middle-aged white Americans are dying sooner.”— Paul Krugman

Because you destroyed the family – intentionally, through policy that favored moving labor to capital instead of capital to labor?

Because you destroyed the family by ideologically mobilizing women in the workforce, rather than ending their prohibition on it?

Because you increased and consumed all the taxes that were produced by women’s entry into the work force so that they cannot afford to stay home and have children, build strong durable families? Teach civilization and civilized behavior? Even if they choose to?

Because cheap underclass immigration has displaced white youth and white post-career labor, resulting in over fed-ed, over-told, over-sold, overweight, under-exercised people, lacking any culture and tradition?

Because you destroyed our rule of law by intentional assault on the constitution through selective attempts to exploit weaknesses in the fourteenth amendment,and along with education and economic policies, burned down our 4000 years of accumulated genetic, cultural, institutional, and informational capital?

Because you and your ideology destroyed our culture, our arts, our civic society, our families, and through hyper-consumption in youth confined our people to lonely, illness, in nursing and retirement death-farms?

You and yours have made death camps just as heinous, but killing more softly and slowly the civilization that hosts you? Using the same excuse that your predecessors were initially sold?

What will happen to civil rights (Legally Granted Non-Meritocratic Privileges to displace white people)?

We restore them to exchanges of performance rather than grants in exchange for rents?

If we changed from FREE speech to FREE TRUE speech, that would only silence pseudoscientific and pseudo-rational speech.

If we relied on TRUTHFUL speech that would mean only warrantied, an operationally stated speech (Science). No economics then.

Well sewing straw men via gossip is a form of deceit, isn’t it? Why don’t we just restore rule of law and strict construction?

With Rule of Law, Strict Construction from Fully Informed Voluntary transfer, and Warrantied Truthful Speech, we’re good right?

We just saw the end to Cosmopolitan Pseudoscience Paul. Late, but not too late. Boaz, Marx, Freud, Adorno, and Krugman.

There is only one empirical social science: Judge Discovered, Natural, Common, Law.

Productive, Fully informed, Warrantied, Voluntary Transfer, Limited To Productive Externalities. That’s Natural Law:Social Science.

Hopefully, my generation will repair economics by legal and logical compatibility with natural law, ending a century of pseudoscience.

And when combined with direct redistribution of liquidity to consumers via electronic banking, we will end Rule By Fiat Credit.

And by ending Rule By Fiat Credit will end the century of spending down accumulated genetic, cultural, institutional capital.

And we will relegate Marxist, Keyesian, Postmodern, Pseudoscientific leftist economics of cherry picking by selective measurement of changes in capital to the successor to phlogiston theory. And you will be the subject of equal ridicule for centuries.

I understand what just happened. The genetic, cultural, and institutional loans were non-performing, and the investors just sold.


Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

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On CalExit

The International challenges we face are due to our status as empire. End the empire, focus on local culture and people. Secede.

The only value of Geographic scale is the military tax base. The USA is not a country it is an empire. End it. Devolve to Regions.

There is no advantage to territorial scale if different regions cannot pursue cultural and legal preferences that they seek.

The USA has two strategies to avoid civil war: exit California and leave the rest, or exit Texas and take heartland with it.

Without California and Quebec, both the USA and Canada would remain Nationalist, ‘Heartland’ nations.

California does the same damage to the rest of American that Quebec does to the rest of Canada. Not all compromises are beneficial.

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The ‘Talk’: Why Are We Stooping To The Left’s Level

Nov 11, 2016 11:06pm

In person i am a gentleman. but i learned a lot from Hayek’s pristine, gentlemanly, german failure with Keynes: never give the enemy an inch out of grace.

we aren’t Victorians. this is a street fight. a brawl. and i use broken bottles, brass knuckles, clubs, knives, guns, and every other weapon I can get my hands on. And so do all of us in the various New Right groups.

When the left, via Alinsky, took the battle to the streets, they broke with our ancient european tradition and adopted the techniques of the peasantry.

that’s’ all well and good for them – until they realized in this election that we gave up on our Victorianism and stooped to their level.

And the alt right beat them to a bloody pulp at their own game.

Now I am in the process of eviscerating every bit of leftist pseudoscience written in the past 150 years. It will take me a while to build the 100 or so people that can construct propertarian arguments but at that point we are the equivalent of the anti-frankfurt school.

And so forgive me if I frequently digress from stoic analytic purity and go slumming, seeking street fights with the left’s kleptocracy of deceit.

But I’m looking for skulls to drink from.

You, the left, thought you were winning rather than that we were just biding our time, hoping you would learn. Sorry. You didn’t learn. We are failed parents and you’re the family black sheep. You’re the alcoholic, the drug user, the impulsive criminal, and the sociopath. and the social-climbing daughter. That’s all. A cult of kleptocracy.

So, We don’t want your consent, your agreement, your approval, or your opinion. We want your silence, submission, punishment, eviction, or death. Which of those we levy against you dependent upon your choice of silence, departure, or death.

You cannot meet us on the field of truth.
You cannot meet us on the field of propaganda.
You cannot meet us on the field of war.

You can only meet us in the market of voluntary exchanges. Because that is the only field we will leave you.

So we have a message for you: productive, fully informed, voluntary exchange between the classes or it is easier, and cheaper to return you to servitude, serfdom or slavery.

You are weaker. You will always be weaker.

And we know this. And so do you.

You’re done. There won’t be another election for you to win.

Because you taught us that you are not ready for adulthood, nor liberty, nor peerage.

The New Right

Alt-Right Overplaying Its Hand, and The Horror of the Left.

Tipping a scale is not anchoring the pan.
You cannot win a vote by margin and hold a field.
They have shock, anger, loss of confidence.
You want what you believe is favorable stability.
But you need to create favorable chaos.
The point is not to win by submission.
It is to accelerate the conflict.
to increase the conflict so that the only solution,
is devolution or secession.
In other words, make the opposition unwilling allies.
Push them to adopt your position: fracture.
THE HORROR OF THE LEFT is the realization that their status economy is being destroyed. Their cheap multicultural, anti-white status signals are no longer buying them unearned moral status. They cry louder and longer and become more hysterical, but it buys them nothing. We’re crashing the Left’s status economy. As it fails, there will be a natural shift to new status signals. We need to create that new market, that is the job: create a positive vision and then award status to those who exemplify it. We need to praise our heroes long and loud.

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Harsh Words for Dreamers

Nov 15, 2016 8:09am by James Augustus Berens

—“There is a belief popular amongst people who’ve never accomplished anything in life, the idea that one must merely dream or think of what he wants, which is almost always material in nature, and as if by some act of divine will his subjective wants and desires will materialize, with little to no effort expended on his part. Achievement isn’t an act of wishful thinking, only western millennials have had the privilege to maintain such illusions– it is an act of physically imposing one’s will onto the external world. Anything else is an admission that one is devoid of any significant form of agency.”— James Augustus Berens.

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The Purpose Of The Electoral College – And The End of the Empire


The purpose of the electoral college is to prevent immigrant and import/export cities that live in relative luxury at low cost of commons and opportunity, from imposing costs upon those lacking those luxuries in material, normative, and institutional means.

There are six large immigrant cities in America and these six cities benefit largely from the sale of the conquered continent to immigrants – and nothing more.

If not for the electoral college, those six cities would dictate to the continent, despite the fact that the majority of the continent does not possess those luxuries.

The only moral solution is to end the international and continental empire so that each group can preserve its preferred norms and institutions. So that each of us possesses our right to self-determination.

conversely, if you deny others their right to self-determination, then you are in fact, conducting war against others.

The only solution is secession and devolution.

And that is what will happen. As strange as it might seem today.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine