The Law of Nature – History

Discovery (Evolution)

History – Geographic Strategies (geography, population, production)

The Relatively Steady State.

The Discovery and Transformation to Heroic Man: Transcendence.

Sovereignty: The Purpose of Rule is To Deny Power of Rule

Martial Epistemology: Unforgiving Correspondence
Testimony / Truth / Reason / Empiricism / Science
Officers /Jury / Thang / Senate
Natural Law / Discovered Law / Independent Judiciary

Market for Organization of Larger and Larger Numbers (economic decidability)
Market for Normative Decidability (Myth/priest)
Market for Dispute Decidability (law)
Market for Warfare Decidability (king)

Market for Sovereignty
Market for Cooperation: Contractualism
Market for Reproduction: Marriage
…. stem, traditional, nuclear, absolute nuclear (class structures)
Market for Production of Goods and Services
Market for Production of Commons
Market for The Resolution of Differences
Market for Judge of Last Resort (Monarch)
Competing Against: The Market for Evolution

Power, Profit from Rule , Profit from Domestication

We invented Aristocratic Egalitarianism: (define)
We invented the perfect government
We domesticated mankind
We gave mankind truth, reason, science, natural law, advanced technology, and rid mankind of ignorance, mysticism, poverty and disease.

And the world has been fighting us ever since.