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Deflationary Government

What is Necessary for a Deflationary (Truthful) Government

0) A militia consisting of shareholders who reciprocally and unconditionally, insure one another’s property-in-toto from the involuntary imposition of costs by both members and non.

1) A contract (constitution) between those shareholders for that reciprocal insurance, consisting of Rule of law, natural law, universal standing, universal applicability, absence of discretion through strict construction, with a monarchy as a judge (veto) of last resort. And providing for:

2) A market for polities in which many small polities compete by the production of different commons. (btw: what polities will attract not only the most, but the best women?)

3) A market for the production of commons within any given polity, by exchange between the classes (those with different reproductive strategies, capabilities, and capital interests)

4) A Market for the production of goods and services within any given polity by exchanges between individuals and organizations OTHER than those that exclusively produce commons.

5) A market for the production of generations (marriage) within any given polity, within any given market for commons, within any given market for production of goods, services, and information.

6) A market for association and cooperation, within the market for polities, the market for commons, the market for private goods, the market for reproduction.

7) A market for the resolution of disputes over property in toto by application and strict construction of the natural law of cooperation: reciprocity. (Judiciary)

8) A market for the production of contracts (agreements) in all markets (lawyers)

9) An insurer of last resort consisting of: A military of last resort, A treasury of last resort (shares in the nation), An insurer against acts of nature, age, and incompetence of last resort.


The Market for Reciprocity

Apr 16, 2017 1:44pm

Yes we can create a market for truthful (non false, non-parasitic) political speech. In fact, it was the state that ended our market for truthful speech. Why?

Isn’t science an ongoing discovery process? doesn’t it function as a market for information, with career ending punishments for violators?

Don’t we protect against fraud and deceit in the market for goods and services – and provide special protections that PROHIBIT us from defending the market for information against fraud and deceit?

Didn’t we, for millennia, protect against libel(written) and slander(spoken), and don’t we grant special privileges that prevent us from using the course to protect ourselves from libel and slander – especially in large scale media? In other words, doesn’t the state PROHIBIT us from self defense against falsehoods?

Why is it that we cannot in private advocate for conspiracy (theft), yet in public can advocate for conspiracy (theft) as long as the majority of conspirators approve of the theft?

Why is it that we used to be able to protect the environment,and the commons via the judiciary, but the state removed our juridical defense?

Why is it that the state removed our juridical defense against members of the bureaucracy, the government, the academy, and the media?

Are you going to try to advocate that reciprocity (natural law) is not, in cooperation, the equivalence of truth (decidability)?

Or are you saying specifically that people should be able to violate reciprocity and violate truth in order to use large numbers to impose thefts using the violence of the government, in order to obtain by non-reciprocity and deceit, that which they might obtain by voluntary exchange, thereby depriving those who have one thing from obtaining another thing in exchange?

Just because you can’t figure out how to create law of information regarding political speech (forcible coercion) such that it holds to the same standards as market speech (goods, services, and information) doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In fact. it was done for millennia.

The question is why did the state take it away, and why can we not restore it?


We? Who Are ‘We’? The Martial-Monopoly Judicial-Market Class


We are the people who fight, kill, ostracize, punish, perform restitution upon those who act as parasites upon the polity, upon the commons, or upon the private production of people like ‘us’.

And if you wish to engage in political, institutional, normative, informational, commercial, or interpersonal parasitism, we will force restitution, punishment, ostracization, murder, or war upon you.


The Steppe Way of War is Superior

The steppe way of war practiced by our earliest ancestors, and practiced by muslims today, is superior to the interregnum method of war, relying upon a concentration of forces. That means: RAIDS. Conduct of many small raids costs little but creates great uncertainty and costs the host thousansd of times as much in defense. In our past, we could retreat via horse, retreat to our forests, and the muslims could retreat to the deserts, or today retreat into slums and favelas. The value of armies is looting. The value of raiders is in imposing costs. One can, as has ISIS, graduate from raiding to looting, to decimating. But this destroys capital, and ensures your eventual defeat if you attempt to hold an economy and profit from it.


Restore the monarchies, rule of law, multi-house government, and the militia


Michael Churchill
Curt you’ve argued that you want the US to have multiple legal frameworks via devolution of power from the national to the state level. Isn’t that a sort of acceptance of different strokes for different folks?

Curt Doolittle
Different production of commons. one legal (truthful) law. But yes. Hey. I’m a libertarian. do what you fucking want. Just let me live with my people as I want.

Michael Churchill
Okay that’s what I thought you’d say. Makes sense. Think i fully understand the core thesis of Propertarianism now. (Also thanks for that elevator pitch description of it a bit earlier.)

Curt Doolittle
I”m sayin’ just this:

Restore the monarchies, rule of law, multi-house government, and the militia, but with strictly constructed natural law that is as inviolable as mathematics.

The whole ‘trick’ is in that law. It’s that law I spent all the time on.


Reciprocity just makes it preferable to cooperate rather than engage in predation.

t’s not that Reciprocity is good for all of us – even though it is. It’s just that it’s the only condition under which it’s not more profitable, preferable, logical to kill you, take you things, and enslave your women and children.

Personally, I kind of prefer the whole kill, take, and enslave thing, but for the good of the women among my kin, I realize they will be happier in a complex, prosperous, cooperative society.