Constitution: The State

Article VI

The State

The Purpose of the State

The State exists as a corporation holding the interests of the shareholders we call citizens, and their dependents, the People, with a shareholder agreement we call a constitution, that is insured by the military, the militia, the people, and the courts, and operated in the people’s interests by professional managers according to that constitution.

( … To negotiate on behalf of the polity rather than allow fragmentation and defection … )

( … to maximize the credit capacity of the people … )


The Forms of Government

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union:

a Republican Form of Government,


Regarding Territories

1. All peoples of all territories have the right to self determination in the production of those commons best suited to their interests.

(a) Any territory of any State may seceded and ascend to statehood if in the chosen intersets of the people of that territory.
(b) Any territory of that today called Canada may join these states if in the chosen intersets of the people of that territory should they fully conform to this constitution.
(c) Any territory of that today called Mexico may join these states if in the interests of the people of that territory, should they fully conform to this constitution.

(thousand nations bloom here….)

2. Those Cities and their principles that have acted to assist in the invasion of the continent have by demonstrated action, seceded from the union against the interests of the people and shall be involuntarily converted to independent states:

  • New York, Long Island-Newark, Jersey City,
  • Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim.
  • Dallas Forth, Worth, Arlington.
  • Miami, Ft.Lauderdale, West Palm Beach.
  • Chicago, Naperville, Elgin.
  • Washington, Arlington, Alexandria.
  • Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell.
  • Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale.
  • Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario.
  • San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward
  • Boston, Cambridge, Newton.
  • San Diego, Carlsbad.
  • Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise.
  • Philadelphia, Camden, Wilmington.
  • Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond.
  • Denver, Aurora, Lakewood.
  • San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara.
  • Orlando Kissimee Sanford
  • Austin, Round Walk


1. Unless Accepted as Gift to the British Crown;

1. Puerto Rico is involuntarily granted permanent irreversible independence; with the warning that foreign military presence will be considered an act of war.

2. The US Virgin Islands (Virgin Islands) is involuntarily granted permanent irreversible independence; with the warning that foreign military presence will be considered an act of war.

3. Guam is involuntarily granted permanent irreversible independence. With the warning that foreign military presence will be considered an act of war.

4. American Samoa (Samoa) is involuntarily granted permanent irreversible independence; with the warning that foreign military presence will be considered an act of war.

5. The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is involuntarily granted permanent irreversible independence; with the warning that foreign military presence will be considered an act of war.

Regarding the Military



  1. The Military shall consist of the Standing Military Branches, The Reserves, The Regiments, the Militia, and those civilians engaged in the production of weapons munitions, and supplies.
  2. The Militia shall consist of  all able bodied men from fourteen to seventy. The Military shall train and equip the Militia such that they can continuously deny territorial occupation to all competitors for as long as a generation.
  3. The governors of the states may call up the Regiments and Militia for defense or other emergencies, within, across, or between states; The military may only override a governor to call all militia from all States for shared territorial defense.
  4. The government shall have no influence over the constitution, operations, practices, procedures, rules or actions of the military; other than license to wars of offense; and shall be limited to the selection of the most senior individual in each branch; and limited to rectification of disputes by the court.


1. the United States Military shall protect each of the States against Invasion; and against domestic Violence, other than revolt for the purpose of restoring adherence to this constitution.


  1. The peace of Westphalia was ended by Russia, Iran, and Islamists, and as such the military is free to conduct operations against not only state actors, but non-state actors, including but not limited to militias, religions, political movements, organized crime, business interests, public intellectuals, politicians, and individuals in furtherance of defense of the people and their interests from aggressors against them, without limit to technique or method.


1 – Remove military dependence upon electrical and data grids, and dependence on satellites for communications, navigation, and targeting. The military must be able to fight successfully with total loss of civilian infrastructure.

2 – Restructure military for domestic defense, and long distance projection of force by automation; continued projection of extra terrestrial space force, blue sky air force,  blue water navy – albeit without dependence upon fragile forms of ship; and terrestrial army; continue aggressive research and development; the ability to insert forces anywhere on earth quickly to protect citizens and their assets and interests; and to punish acts of aggression against our people, territory, assets, trade routes, and allies. But acts of political construction and policing are prohibited.  Therefore seek to punish and obtain restitution, not, police, govern, or control.

3 – Invest in, or obtain a controlling interest in, those organizations necessary for the production of the supply chain of weapons and components such that the military is no longer dependent on a fragile production system vulnerable to market variation.

Regarding Treaties and Foreign Relations

1. Whereas members of the state have sought to circumvent the previous Constitution by treaty; Therefore, no treaty nor its terms may circumvent any part of this constitution directly, indirectly, or by practical consequence. The practice of advocating, conspiring, or acting to circumvent this Constitution by means of Treaty shall be prohibited and offense prosecuted as an act of Treason.


1. Whereas The United Nations has evolved into a hostile foreign power, and center of espionage; Therefore it shall be removed from the territory, funding terminated, and participation prohibited.

2. Whereas the World Court has evolved into a hostile power; Therefore, all treaty, participation, and funding shall be terminated, and hostility to its actions and existence pursued.

3. Whereas the natural law is the only rational means for the avoidance of war and conquest;

Therefore, the people shall always and everywhere seek to produce a balance of powers between the civilizations, so that man’s natural envy, and preference for parasitism over production, is prohibited from imposition of costs upon others.

4. Whereas the people have common genetic and cultural assets that have produced demonstrably superior results for our people;

Therefore, a continuous attempt to restore the alliance (empire) of the English speaking peoples of Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and all others elsewhere, to a civilizational, cultural, military, and trade order, with the Monarchy as judge of last resort between our peoples, as defense against conquest by the globalist, south american, european, russian, islamic-jewish, east asian, civilizations shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

5. Whereas the Anglo American Imperial effort to constrain Germanic civilization, its intellectual, cultural, scientific and technological achievements; its defense of its people; and its resistance to Russian and Communist expansion; was the cause of the great european civil wars; and whereas in retrospect the German people were justified in both wars; and whereas the the continued occupation of the european continent has both fostered dependence on our military and economy, and promoted her pursuit of internally harmful policies, culminating in demographic collapse; our military shall withdraw from the european continent and foster europe’s restoration to self sufficiency.

7. Whereas the people of Mexico are unable to produce a sufficient political and economic order to prevent continuous flight, nor resist transit through their territory by those in flight, and therefore have produced an act of war against our people through immigration and demographic and cultural replacement. Therefore the reciprocal right of the mexican people to self governance shall be denied, and unlimited warfare against them until they refrain.  The A wall against them shall be built; her people forcibly repatriated, or summarily executed under Extra Judicial enforcement; And if necessary, military rule imposed until their hostilities by immigration ended.

6. Whereas all people of genetic and cultural heritage, particularly those under threat of conquest, shall be free to exercise their self determination;

Therefore, a continuous attempt to construct the intermarium in eastern europe consisting of any members of the set Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Former Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia against the folly of the Germanics, and the aggression of the Russians shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

7. Whereas the Russian Attempt to restore orthodox civilization from conquest and oppression by the Turks and Muslims was thwarted by the Europeans;

Therefore a continuous attempt to assist Russia in the restoration orthodox civilization to old europe (the balkans); to the Bosporus including the retaking of Constantinople; to the Caucuses, and to hold Siberia, but prohibit her incursion into the Intermarium, Scandinavia, Germania, or China shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

8. Whereas our people have different distributions and needs, but we all must pay the cost of our own domestication without exporting that cost upon others;

Therefore, a continuous attempt to limit Africa to Africans, Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand to Europeans, India to Indians,  South America to the hispano-indians, the Levant to Semites, India to Indians, East Asia for the east asians;  and the same to all others not listed, shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

9. Whereas Jews and Muslims have destroyed the great civilizations of the ancient world; Have brought about the Abrahamic Dark Ages; Have invented the world’s greatest deceits; have cause the world greatest murder; Have prosecuted crimes against the people of the west continuously; have conspired to reduce the west to yet another authoritarian monopoly doctrine whether Jewish and pseudoscientific and sophist, or muslim and supernatural; have failed to acknowledge the justness of their prosecutions and expulsions; have failed to reform, and failed to self-police their members; and because they place their law above the natural law; and because their law is irreciprocal and incommensurable with the natural law;


A continuous attempt to limit Judaism and Islam (ethnic semites and religious practitioners) to the middle east, to restore north african civilization, and to eliminate both Islam and Judaism from all other regions; and to assist other nations in their elimination from all other regions, shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

A continuous attempt to repair the damage of the european colonization of the Ottoman empire, by the formation of new nation (tribal) states, shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

All jews and muslims (both ethnic semites and religious practitioners) in western civilization shall be taxed an additional 30% of their income; prohibited from benefits; prohibited from enfranchisement; prohibited from public speech; prohibited from ownership of property; prohibited from the collection of income on rent and lease; prohibited from practice of law; prohibited from practice of borrowing and lending;  prohibited from business license; all religious buildings shall be seized, torn down, and land sold at auction; all arts and letters removed from sale or distribution; all symbolism and evidence of their existence removed from public spaces.

No islamic order shall be permitted nuclear weapons, biological weapons, or sentient weapons, and any that have them shall be defeated and weapons disposed of.

10. Whereas the invasion of our civilization has been a threat for 1900 years, and the Chinese have managed to avoid that threat through isolation;

Therefore, the people shall build and maintain a fortress wall under Hadrian and China’s model to forever bar the barbarians; and kill all who cross it without exception. Europa shall be walled against her permanent enemies.

All those not ethnically (genetically) european, regardless of condition shall be repatriated either voluntarily or by force to their nations and civilizations of ancestry or origin, and any resistance to repatriation an act of war.

All Attempts shall be made to engage in treaty of cooperation with other nations to bring this condition into being.