Revolution: The Introduction

—“Transcendence and Immortality through Excellence, Beauty, Truth, Duty, Reciprocity, and Markets for association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, and polities.”—

—“Revolt, Separate, Specialize, Prosper, Speciate, and Transcend Animal Man.”—

On Changing the Status Quo

The Course of The Coming Revolution

The Declaration

The Introduction

The Constitution

  1. Preamble
  2. Purpose
  3. Man
  4. The Law
  5. Rights and Obligations Under the Law
  6. The Court and The Law
  7. The People
  8. The State
  9. The Government
  10. The Economy
  11. The Commons
  12. Commerce and Cooperation
  13. Marriage, Family, Children
  14. Religion, Fitness, Education, Training,
  15. The Territories, Monuments, Arts, and Letters
  16. Restitutions and Punishments

Hierarchy of legal terms (Article,section etc) is as under:

a) Article
b) Section
c) Rules
d) Regulations.
e) Clause


The Conflict of Our Time

reciprocity and hierarchy of the pack vs equality of the herd

The Great Fight Renewed (semitic vs european)

And no man or men may make a choice to favor cult or corporation over kin without act of genocide, culture-cide, civilization-cide for which the only recourse and restitution is retaliation by and of the same.


People can and will rally around a plan that includes sufficient incentives, and in sufficient detail, that they can themselves operate with confidence, and without relying upon desperation, faith, and luck

A Moral License.
A Set of Demands
A Plan of Transition
A Means of altering the status quo

Our goals are:

  • The incremental evolution of our laws such that we suppress and reverse the institutionalization of the arts of lying that produced the abrahamic dark ages  in the ancient world, and the horrors of communism, socialism, feminism, and postmodernism and their cults in the modern.
  • The equalization of suppression of soft and hard powers of coercion.
  • The extensions of involuntary warranty from goods and services to information and speech.
  • The cessation, reversal, and restitution for  the cumulative rent seeking in all aspects of life;
  • The cessation of organization by the maximization of consumption at the expense of individual, family, nation, the joy of civic life, and the accumulated inheritances from the inventions, labors, and arts of our our ancestors, and restoration of the construction of civic society’s emphasis on commons rather than consumption.
  • The redistribution of coercion, influence, commerce, rights of free association and dissociation, and rights of self determination by the devolution of the federal government into an insurer of last resort, and the restoration of the sovereignty of and alliance of the states;
  • The cessation of the exploitation of the people for purposes of creating and preserving an empire and the state bureaucracy that is counter to the interests of the people.
  • The cessation, reversal, and restitution for the attempt to genocide against our people, our nation, our race; our culture; our government, and our civilization;
  • The restoration of our right to self determination;
  • The restoration of our ancestral rights of sovereignty, and our civilizational strategy of competition and evolution by means of truth, duty, reciprocity, rule of law, markets of voluntary cooperation in all walks of life, and our ability to produce high trust civic commons.


To achieve these goals we submit these truths to a candid world.